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Discussion in 'Chicago' started by turbomangt, May 30, 2004.

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    Gary Kouba
    I wanted to thank everyone that came to my detailing seminar at Fox Valley and also wanted to introduce myself to those could not make it. When I opened Perfect Auto Finish ( I wanted to focus on two things. One, perform state of the art detailing, and two, focus on consumer education on car care. My customer base includes perfectionists, collectors, and people that are finicky about who touches their car. Recently I detailed a 10 point car that won "best of show" and was featured in a trade magazine. I have hosted over 130 detailing clinics, and have written articles for Americas Car Care Business, Porfessional Car Washing and Detailing, Chicago Tribune and the Daily Herald. My latest adventure is I now sell professional auto detailing supplies to the general public. Judging on how much product I sold at Fox Valley, the interest in high end products is huge. Since I host detailing fourms on many car sites such as this one, and I can only spread myself around so much. I want to invite everyone to visit my web site and check out the detailing tips, see if a clinic is happening near you, and most importantly, read feedback on what people are saying about what I do. That will tell the story. You can e mail me through my web site if you have questions about anything about your car. I also just introduced my first advanced class which will allow people to use Porter Cable buffers, Cyclo dual head buffers, and high speed rotary's. Check my web site for dates and locations. Thanks and happy motoring. Gary
    p.s. The Ferrari driving across my home page is actually the first Ferrari I ever detailing. The first person that can tell me the year and model of the car will get a free micro fiber towel with any order they place on my web site.
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    Gary, since you're expanding your business beyond Chicagoland, it might be a good idea to become a Ferrarichat sponsor. You'd increase your audience dramatically and you could put in plugs like this more often (1 free per user). If interested let me know.

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