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Discussion in '348/355' started by vincentF355M, Mar 26, 2009.

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    My 1997 F355 is hard to engage gear change, especially for the gear 2/4/6, after the cluthc and bearing has been replaced. My mechanic says it is because that the engine mount and transmission mount is getting lower, due to worn or something, and therefore the alignment is gone. However, although I have tried very hard to search the parts diagram in Riambic as well as the thread here, it is really a problem for me to identify which part should be, especially there seems to be a assembly instead.

    So I come here for help. Does anyone have the same problem before? Which part should I replace?
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    Well those parts should never have been touched. I think there is still air in the clutch system that he needs to bleed out that he did not do right. There are tricks to bleeding 348/355 clutches. If the car shifted fine before the clutch the car should shift fine after the clutch. The shifter is not touched at all and the trans mounts/eng mounts are not touched at all. In fact the 355 has extra transmount area on the bottom of the gearbox that 348's don't have to help the tranny stay put.
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    Thank you very much fatbillybob. I will check with my mechanic for the possibility you mentioned.

    However, I think I have found the answers for my questions since after all it will be worn and replaced some day. The transmission mount shall be item 38 (p/n 163044) although it is named as "wick body". And the engine mount shall be p/n 162769 which is named as "wick body" as well. Photo is as below.

    I am a new guy here. Hope this will help those who have the same question.
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    Your mecanics haveing you over, theres no way thats the problem. dont waist you money buying new ones.

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