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    My Dino 246 runs straight but the steering wheel is about 15 deg out of the central position... ( Rack and pinion was rebuilt some time ago ) I understand I need about 1-3mm toe in and intend to check this but I want to know just where the column shaft she be on the suspect spline connection, when the car is correctly lined up .....Im looking for a starting question is : is it true to say that when the steering lock is IN and locked this is the 'Straight ahead' position of the front can I just snap it into this position and then do the toe in and Job done ???
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    Rob C.
    In order to check if the steering rack is correctly centered to the steering wheel you need to do the following:

    1. Position the steering wheel in the center and place a small piece of tape on the top of the steering wheel.
    2. Turn the steering all the way to the right and count the number of turns as exactly as possible.
    3. Center the steering wheel again
    4. Turn the steering wheel all the way to the left and count the number of turns

    If the steering wheel is centered to the rack then the numbers should be fairly close (within about a 1/4 turn is good enough)

    Moving the position of the steering column on the rack is quite a lot of work so unless the alignment of the two (measured using the technique above) is off by a lot then just straighten the steering wheel via the toe.

    I helped a fellow F-Chatter a few years back with this very problem. His Dino was well aligned but the steering wheel was not pointing straight. All I did was lengthen one tie rod by the exact amount I shortened the other one which maintains the same alignment but re-centers the steering wheel. It took 3-4 attempts with a short drive between each to confirm the position until I got it perfect.
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    I can confirm it’s still straight! Thanks Rob!
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    To only change the steering wheel angle and not track alignment, there are splined connections along the path of the steering wheel rod which you can loosen, rotate the steering wheel shaft a small amount and not change the wheel track. This shall get you to your correct steering wheel position. I remember this splined connections at the base of rack, also at U-joint 2 ends, and again at extension rods 2 ends (above your feet zone).

    I don't know your Dino and you haven't showed the picture so not sure as some Dino are different
    Do you have a photo of cockpit of the steering rod path?

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