Drove new 997 today...Puts 996 in shade

Discussion in 'Porsche' started by Sfumato, Aug 26, 2004.

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    MarkPDX and I wandered by the local P-car dealer today, they graciously let me drive the non-S 997.

    Looks great, like 993, dash/interior is very nicely detailed, has memory seats, door map cubbies are back. Dash very reminiscent of beloved 911/SC/Carrera, but updated, not retro.

    Drives great. I only used 5500 out of deference to <300mi car, but it goes, hard. Tons of torque, pulls easily in 3/4 in traffic. Shifter is great. Steering direct, but nicely dampened, lots of feel with the grip. Had Michelin PS2's, ride quality in sport mode was great, well controlled but tight.

    Go look, I hated 996, despite trying. S is likely even better, and GT3 will be OTT.

    One of these may follow me home soon.
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    Saw the 'S' yesterday. Actually 2 cars but they were both sold so I couldn't drive either.

    Thankfully, the interior looks much better in person than in the pics. Of course, it always looks better in black.

    I didn't like the wheels (over-designed) or the center console (too busy, and I don't care for the LCD panel) or the wart on the dashboard (too gimmicky). The front valence also needs some work.

    The new rear spoiler is beautifully done. The leather work is excellent. The stock exhaust is much improved.

    Can't wait for a test drive!

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