Dunlop racing tyres should not be on a concourse 1950s car.

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    So i saw recently that a 250 TDF did well at Villa de Este.

    To be fair i couldnt see clearly but the picture i saw looked like a Dunlop Racing tyre.

    Now did a 250 TDF fit a Dunlop Racing a 600L16 CR48 Dunlop Racing tyre. I doubt it. because the CR48 didn't come out untill the 1960s. It is the CR48 L section tyre that is currently homologated as the control tyre for the race series these cars would run in. L section being slightly low profile. dut also being very much 1960s technology and tread pattern.

    There is a possibility that it could be fitting the R5 tread pattern, which i beleive came out in 1958 (but weather that was january or december 1958, who knows). The 600-16 R5 is a proper full profile tyre which is a possibility. However pre 1958 it would have been the R1 tread pattern. (below).
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    The tyres that were available in period that are produced today that were fitted to the 250 GT were 6.00-16 Pirelli Stella Bianca. Great news that Pirelli are making this tyre again.we already have the 6.00-16 which is very much a 250GT fitment. but we have more sizes coming. next we will have a 5.50-16. So lots of racing cars like the 250F Maser would have fitted 550 on the front and 600-16 on the rear (or 650-16 depending on the track. The next Stella Bianca in the pipeline is a 5.50-18 for late pre war Alfa, Ason Martin, Bugatti etc. then hopefully we will be able to get some 6.50-16 made as well.

    Also in the 1950s radial tyres were available from Michelin with the X from 1949 and Pirelli Cinturato from 1952. Because Michelin hated inches the first radial tyres fitted onto 400mm wheels. Pirelli also produced 400mm radial tyres becuase cars like Lancia Aurelia were fitting the X they offered a Cinturato because that was a radial tyre more suited to sports cars and gave more progressive handling. In the 1950s Borrani were making 400mm wheels for the 250 GT, which they fitted with 175R400 Pirelli Cinturato CA67.

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    And the 16" wheels could also be fitted with the 185VR16 Pirelli Cinturato.

    What do you think. My thoughts are also on here

    If any of you guys have any evidence about this sort of thing pictures, build sheets etc i'd love to see them.
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