Dyno Time Available Sat August 28 in Phoenixville

Discussion in 'Mid-Atlantic Region - USA (PA, DE, MD, DC, VA)' started by dm_n_stuff, Aug 17, 2004.

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    I know these guys have some issues with some of the PHilly folks, but, this seems like a pretty interesting event. Got this email this afternoon.

    "Milla Racing Sports Car Extravaganza to be held at Phoenix Performance in Phoenixville, Pa.

    All makes and models, new and old members, street cars or race cars, welcome Bring your classic, your race car, your trailer, your street car

    Sat Aug 28 (rain or shine)

    Phoenix Performance
    481 Schuylkill Road (rt23)
    Phoenixville, PA 19460-5200

    Time: 10-3

    What to bring: Your sports car or truck, sunblock, and a smile

    This location has a lot of open space to park the cars, an area to wash your car, a dyno, and much more. They are located about 30 mins west of center city Philadelphia, and just a few mins past Valley Forge National Park.

    See the SCCA T1 champion Corvette ZO6's, the new SCCA T2 Cadillac CTS-V, Milla Racing's new T1 ZO6, BMW M3 track car, and Porsche 911 GT2.

    -Talk to our staff about performance parts for your street or track car.

    -Hear about driver's education events, driving on the track, and other special events.

    -Pre-Order your Milla Racing apparel and pick up free stickers for your car

    -Learn about our new track club.

    Put your car on the dyno machine to measure wheel horsepower, or how much power your car is really putting to the ground

    Dyno for front or rear drive cars (2 wheel drive)

    -3 pulls on the dyno -$75"

    I'll probably attend. M3 won't be broken in, so it may be time to see what the Dino makes at the rear wheels.

  2. coolestkidever

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    I dunno, i have a feeling it will be full of Corvette guys who think their Vette is better than anyone elses. However, dynos are very cool to watch, and listen :). This is gonna have to be a gametime descion for me.
  3. GarnetRedCoupe

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    Other than AWE, is there a AWD dyno in the md/pa area?
  4. ctkellett

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    Chris K.
    The guys @ AWE are good friends of mine, anybody interested in a dyno day there?

    All the best,

  5. mk e

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    The Butcher
    Maybe. I'm making a few little tweeks and would like to see if they helped. It seems like they can't do a lot of dynoing though. 10-3 is 5 hours and at least 20 minutes per car is 15 cars. Maybe most people are just there for the show???
  6. GarnetRedCoupe

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    I am, check your pms
  7. millaracing

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    How are you? I'm new here and want to say hi

    I'm the guy running the sports car meet and dyno on aug 28th at phoenix performance

    the main idea of the day is to get people to come out with all types of sports cars from honda to ferrari and if they want, they can dyno

    I would love to see you guys come out there so that I can introduce myself to you and just make more car enthusiast friends in the area

    make your decisions about us after coming on the 28th

    we'd love to see all sports cars and trucks come out so tell your friends.

    if you have questions you can email me at

    many thanks and I hope to meet a lot of new friends soon

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