Element: The perfect fire extinguisher for your vintage Ferrari

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    Vintage car owners the world over know the value of always having a fire extinguisher on hand. Old fuel and oil lines, corroded electrics, & aged materials are a dangerous cocktail often waiting to ignite. Often times carrying a fire extinguisher in a classic car is a hassle with many owners not bothering or placing them far from reach in the trunk which wastes valuable (and often irreparable) time in an emergency.

    For those with a traditional extinguisher using it means a terrible mess of corrosive powder that takes ages to clean and can cause damage. Halon and CO2 are good options but are expensive, require servicing, and deplete oxygen making breathing difficult to impossible.

    Element solves all of these issues and more (insert infomercial voice here:D). Imagine an extinguisher that compared to a typical fire bottle is:

    - 80% smaller
    - Discharges for 5 Times longer
    - Makes NO MESS
    - Never expires or needs servicing
    - Rated for all fire classes (A,B,C,&K)

    Designed and manufactured in Italy, Element is so small that it fits in the door pocket or glove box of most cars. It uses a technology developed for fixed installations in the space industry that fights fires on the molecular level: totally clean and without robbing oxygen.

    With Element there is no longer an excuse to ever travel without a fire extinguisher in you vintage car. Of course it is good for home or anywhere else having fire protection is important but seeing as this is a car forum we thought we would give the car advantages first.

    Check out more at:

    Here is a pic of mine that fits perfectly in the door pocket of my (near 'vintage' Ferrari 308)

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    And costs (in the UK)?
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    shop in Europe?
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    Regrettably Element is for sale only to the North American market at this time. European distribution is in the works but not available for the foreseeable future.

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