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Discussion in '348/355' started by Guss23, Dec 28, 2019.

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    Jason Sharkey
    I am in the midst of doing my first major service on my 348 spider. It’s a intuitive car to work on with no unpleasant surprises and, compared to the many Deloreans and other cars I’ve worked on as a “shade-tree” mechanic, I am pleasantly surprised at the build quality and engineering.
    My company makes foam case inserts and toolbox organizers. We are a preferred vendor to Porsche and Indycar among many other, well known manufacturers. (I supply all of Indy cars toolbox inserts as well as inspection kit organizers).
    Our foam of choice is high density, closed cell polyethylene. This material is completely chemically stable. Does not melt with petroleum, paint thinner or acetone. Because it is closed, cell, it makes for really nice finder skirts. We get over-cuts from our manufacturer with our stock as packaging. As it is in 4’x8’ pieces, it makes a great engine out apron. It’s about .25” thick. If anybody wants a couple of these I will happily send you a couple at no cost if you pay the shipping
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    Ros Tagard

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