Ethiopian 737-8 MAX down. No survivors.

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    There have already been several articles in Aviation Week.
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    Okay. You must be peeking ( as the Imogee indicates) or I'm not using all three of these wind angle sensors. They change when the number of scotches increase and sometimes only one of them works when in a spin.
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    Be aware in the comments section that there are some very vocal people that have absolute blinders on as "pro-Airbus" fanboys. They take every opportunity to bash Boeing whether valid or not. After a while you should start to notice some tendencies by many of these commenters and get a feel for which are worth listening to.

    Article within the last couple of days where two different industry experts were predicting the replacement 737 - necessity to get it seriously underway, timeline, if it changed the priority from the Middle of Market aircraft, does the new aircraft increase the minimum passenger capacity, and more. Minimal agreement between these two on even the need to get underway on the all new design.

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