F Car friendly hotel in Carmel

Discussion in 'California & Nevada (Northern)' started by Rfong, Jan 13, 2008.

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    I'm planning a drive to Carmel/Monterey and would like to find a F Car friendly hotel where I can comfortably park my 360 at night.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    May 1, 2005
    Highland Inns has a designated area next to the entrance that fits a few cars. I have used it many times. With that said just 100 yards further up Highland drive is the Tickle Pink Inn. The 6 suites offered at the Tickle Pink blow away any Highlands Inn room. A little pricey at mid to high $500's a night. The only problem with the Tickle Pink is tight parking spaces. There are two at the very entrance that are large enough that you have no chance of any door ding nonsense going on. We go down a couple times per year and have stayed at The Tickle Pink the last few times unless I play golf at Pebble where they "make" you stay at Pebble Beach
    Quick funny Tickle Pink Story: My wife was going to purchase a new Louis Vuitton bag while in Carmel. I wake up extremely early everyday and my wife wakes up about 3-4 hours after I do. She is a light sleeper so I have to be quiet after I have gotten up. I usually take some magazines, newspaper into the bathroom and lay in the tub to read as not to disturb her. After running out of my reading material I found 3 People magazines my wife brought with her. I am not a big People magazine guy so I quickly skimmed through them.

    Fast foward: Later in the day my wife purchased her new handbag and we headed back to the hotel. We stopped in the office and asked if we could borrow a DVD that Clint Eastwood starred in. The young girl behind the counter and my wife started discussing Clint Eastwood sightings in the Carmel area as well as his age. they were both convinced that he was in his late 60's. I strongly disagreed with both of them and a bet was made. The office girl loved my wife's new handbag so I told them that I believed Clint was in his 70's and my guess was that he was 77 y/o. I told them that if I was wrong I would buy them each a new Louis Vuitton bag. They both were extremely fired up about this and off to the computer the office girl went. She came back disappointed and stated that I was correct he was 77 y/o. Both of them were stunned that I knew that. Little did they know that while skimming through People magazine early that morning I saw that Clint turned 77 that month.

    Moral of my story:: I never bet unless I know I am going to win.

    Sidenote: Double check internet access at the Tickle Pink before you go. I believe they only have dial up in the room. They also do not have restaurant but you can eat at the Highlands Inn if needed.

    Have a good trip.


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