F12 Upgrades and Dismal stereo Question

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    Hello All,

    i have found the F12 stereo underwhelming as per many comments on the forum. and dont know if there's a way to upgrade or just change the speaker or test see if its busted? The front plays faintly but seems like sound its mostly from the rear. Are most owners experiencing the same in the Ff, lusso etc? I checked the settings and it is balanced.

    In the meanwhile, I added the Max escort 360 ci radar , valve and,and a Fr & Rear dash cam. Some pics
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    There is really no stereo option for the F12 as it is integrated with the full right had control unit, nav, etc. etc. I had to replace mine just out of warranty ($10K), I searched everything and talked to a few high end aftermarket installers (as 10K would buy a heck of a aftermarket unit) - no go at all for any options as it is integrated. I do believe you can replace the sub, as it is behind the seat and should be plug and play to a degree. (PS OEM Sub replacement is 7-8K) - which the sub could actually be your problem.

    You likely can replace the speakers, however the size and shape, knowing ferrari - are such that you will not be able to find any that works without modifications. Not sure what they cost, but much more than you would expect/want to spend if you need to replace one or two that are bad.

    The sad thing is, as great as the F12 is (Though I had several electronic issues in my 1+ year of ownership = $30K worth on a virtually brand new car): The sub and radio unit are getting close to 10% of the current cost of an F12. The Turn Signal board (in steering wheel went out as well just after warranty, that was also several K) If Prices go much lower, the car will be worth more parting it out than to fix.

    First time I have said this, but with the F12, FF,GTC4, 812, etc. There is so much electronic wizardry and integration - I am not sure I would have another one without getting the extended warranty once normal warranty runs out. I was lucky and only about 1/2 the amount I had to fork out was out of warranty at the time, but I will say it does dampen the ownership experience - specifically when all the other Fcars I have owned have been a lot less expensive to own, and not as integrated components are part of that IMO.
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