F430 F1 clutch slipping issue

Discussion in '360/430' started by Zed82, Oct 4, 2017.

  1. Zed82

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    Sep 28, 2017
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    Hi guys,

    Couple of days ago my gearbox and clutch starting acting erratically all of the sudden. The shifts took longer with clutch slippage and when i came to a stop and was about to drive off there was a warning beep everytime i touched the throttle. If i still tried to drive off there was bad clutch slippage but it drove off. All this happened within 10 minutes maybe and was gone thereafter.

    I didn´t do any remarkable tough driving before where the clutch could have overheated. I didn´t smell anything or see any smoke or so. There is no stored error codes and clutch is worn 60% according to the computer.

    Car i at a Ferrari specialist right now for a check up and they are puzzled.
  2. Virulosity

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    PLEASE let me know what you find out. My 360 is doing this too.
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    Don't always believe the clutch reading as the number can be reset with a worn clutch. If the clutch is slipping the clutch is either worn, or you may have a leak in the throw out bearing slave. Either way, you can't fix the problem until you dig into the area.

    Could also be the f1pump not keeping enough pressure in the system.
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  4. Zed82

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    Sep 28, 2017
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    Clutch reading was around 62% worn according to the dealer when I bought the car last week. The dealer did another read out on Tuesday this week and it was 59% left. I then took the car to a specialist where I found out that the real clutch wear is 89,8%. Go figure...
  5. mwstewart

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    It is easily manipulated. I never pay any attention to calculated clutch (or CCB) wear. IMO the only way to check is via the access panel underneath the gearbox.
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    Dan L.
    Clutch wear reading is very inaccurate. It can jump quite a bit from one dealer to another.

    Most likely your issue is worn out clutch. The clutch on my 360 Spider started popping out of gear at 78% wear reading.
    Removed and replaced clutch and all is good again. Except my pocket was $8,200.00 lighter, and that was after 10% Ferrari Car Club discount.

    Hope that helps.


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