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F50 +333sp shared lineage and electrics?

Discussion in '288GTO/F40/F50/Enzo/LaFerrari' started by TestShoot, Dec 15, 2003.

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  1. TestShoot

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    Sep 1, 2003
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    I am still stuck at home, and now shifted to the Parisian schedule as I handle managing a fashion house for a large corporation. Gotta pass the time somehow.

    An interesting point came up and I remember it from the Victory by Design video. So tell me fact or myth.

    The v12 in the 333 is the hypo or development version of the F50's motor?

    The electrics (ECU) from the early 333 are interchangable with the F50 (same harness)

    The talk is because in an 'icebreaker' conversation, one of the guys was talking about his collection and how he and I should partner on a 333sp. I was suggesting private labeling, and somehow I was side-tracked.

    Now it all leads up to 333 motor in F50 body. Is this the GT?

    Maybe my French is really bad, but that is about what I understood. Any input would be greatly appreciated, probably a question best aimed at the factory.
  2. wax

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    From ***************, a Pop-up laden site:

    Exactly 20 years after Ferrari last raced a sports prototype, the Maranello based firm surprised the world with the 333 SP in 1993. Jointly developed with Dallara, it was Ferrari's first new prototype racer in over two decades. Designed specifically for the new IMSA prototype regulations, the 333 SP was intended for customer racing only. The impulse for the project was given by Giampiero Moretti, founder of MOMO and Gian Luigi Buitoni, president of Ferrari North America. The program was nick-named 'Il Sogno Americano', the American Dream.

    IMSA regulations specified that the engine used could not displace over four litres and had to be derived from a road car. The V12 used was similar in design to Ferrari's contemporary Formula 1 engines, but it was homologated because it would power the upcoming Ferrari F50 road car. For the F50 the 3.5 litre F1 engine was increased in size to 4.7 litre and then reduced again for the 333 SP. All technical aspects, like the 5 valves per cylinder setup, were retained for both the F50 and 333 SP engine. Like many of its legendary predecessors the 333 SP was named after its engine's unitary displacement of 333 cc.

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