F50 shoes and watch ? Myth or not?

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    I keep hearing the f50 came with a set of driving shoes and a watch . I have seen a watch on e bay described as an f50 watch but cannot confirm either way . I have never come across a set of f50 shoes .

    I have often wondered is this true , did the f50 ( in Europe ) come with a set of shoes and a watch ?

    Any knowledge welcome ,

    Interested of Berlin
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    Maybe repost the question down in the F40, F50 Section?

    We do have some owners here that should know.
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    I didn't want to annoy the mods , think it ok to repost?
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    The F50 watch was not supplied with the car, but produced by (I believe) Girard Perregaux. The watch was available in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, and platinum. The first 349 pieces were engraved with individual VIN numbers of the cars and available for sale only to those who purchased the car. No idea about the shoes.
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    Original owners of the F50 were provided with custom TOD's shoes and a picture box with a serial number plate. Both are rarely passed on to subsequent owners, especially the picture box. Some sample pics are below. There is also a Schedoni leather and CF document folder that usually doesn't make it to subsequent owners as well.

    The GP F50 watches were made in two batches. The first batch of 349 were engraved with serial numbers for each car for the owners. There was a second batch of 250 that were sold to collectors. Those ones simply have a xxx/250 engraved on them.

    I hope this helps.
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    Does anyone have any F50 shoes for sale? Size 12 USA
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    That watch has nothing to do with Ferrari, or the F50. Only Girard Perregaux produced Ferrari watches in that period.

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