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    First read about the watch on ablogtowatch a few months after release and immediately called Tourneau but the salesperson was clueless. They never followed up with me and I pretty much put it out of my mind thinking what are my chances of scoring one of only 188 pieces made for whole world. Anyway.....I saw it on jomashop July last yr and placed an order......followed up after a month they said still waiting for the watch. Forgot about it until a few days before Christmas when I recieved an email saying it was in Stock but they needed my card re authorized. By the time I called all examples were sold, much to my frustration. Thought I'd lost my chance but a few weeks later I did end up getting one. Really nice piece, pd < $1400. Fills a void in collection as I had no dress watches. Will toss the fake croc strap maybe get a double pearl sting ray in black from combat straps. Ain't no glashutte senator meissen but at 1/10 price I'm happy.

    Here's a video-

    Here's the article
    Frédérique Constant Classics Art Of Porcelain With Hand-Made Porcelain Dial For $2,195 | aBlogtoWatch

    Couple pix below...let me know what you think.
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