FCA Louisiana Chapter Clubhouse!

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    Nov 6, 2002
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    John William H.
    Image Unavailable, Please Login Franco Valobra and I are thrilled to announce the new FCA Louisiana Chapter Club House.

    If you are a Ferrari owner, or FCA member, or are accompanied by one, you are invited to our Grand Opening

    Saturday, September 30, at 6pm.

    5809 Plauche Street.

    We will have a nice party, with food and drinks, and we will discuss the next chapter in our history. Come see the new French Quarter Classic memorial library, enjoy the clubhouse and hear about upcoming events.
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    Amazing place. I saw some of the pics a few weeks ago on fb....great job on the design. I love all the large scale b&w photos. Hope to make it down to the party! It looks way cooler than any of the clubhouses I built as a kid.
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    David C. Treen, Jr, MD
    Franco and John did an amazing job on this place! A must see if you are in town.

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