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    The sun was back at the Mugello circuit yesterday, enabling Felipe Massa to complete his special test, which started on Wednesday with a Ferrari F2007 single-seater provided by the Maranello’s F1 Clienti department.

    After his long absence from racing, due to his terrible accident last July during the qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix this two day test was the first time Massa had been behind the wheel of an F1 car since the demonstration runs of the F60 in Valencia during traditional last day show by the Scuderia at the Ferrari Finali Mondiali exactly a month ago. A month before his Spanish appearance, and two-and-a-half months after his accident at the Hungaroring, he got into the cockpit and tested an F2007 at the Fiorano test track.

    Massa drove around 60 laps on his second day on track at the Ferrari-owned Mugello circuit yesterday, doubling the laps he put in during the first day on Tuesday, on board of the Scuderia Ferrari single-seater, which won the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Titles in the 2007 season, fitted with exposition tyres for the occasion.

    He was satisfied with yesterday’s outcome and said, before he flew back to Brazil: "Although I was behind the wheel of a completely different car compared to the one for next year, I had a perfect feeling, which gives me hope for the upcoming season. I was very quick immediately and nothing seems to have changed in my driving style compared to before the accident. I want to thank Ferrari for this present, which, together with my son, makes this Christmas even more special.”

    So far so good, at least that's how it appears.
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    60 laps on 'exposition' tires ? Fearless that Massa.....;)
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    Testing ban sux.
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    Tell me bout it...

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