Ferrari-250-SWB-Chassis-and-engine? For Real? Can't be....

Discussion in 'Vintage (thru 365 GTC4)' started by swift53, Mar 6, 2019.

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    Dave Powers
    Count yourself lucky @Bluebottle even though you and Alberto missed each other. By my records the factory only completed four armored Dinos so that is a pretty special gesture that was made on your behalf! :D
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    I didn't look for the books specifically but in general ebay will lock you out of certain sellers from other countries. If you start on your home site ie. for me then I can see 'seller's other items' but if I log on to it will lock me out. Sometimes you can get around that by clicking on the feedback number (after the seller's ebay name) like 7,005 just as an example and that takes you to all the features for that seller like ask a question or seller's other items or seller's store, contact seller etc. Also going to a foreign ebay site where the seller will only ship to his or her own country will not let anything show up under the heading 'other items for sale' to.
    Something was definitely changed by ebay as this problem not being able to access 'other items for sale' or getting the reply 'no items for sale' was not an issue in the past.
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    Yes, there were only four and there is a guy in Belgium who is selling five of them on eBay. They are located in the South of France but you can only see them on eBay if you are in Gabon or on the ISS.
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    I spent some time trying to figure out where those chassis tubes were taken from as I cannot see them coming from an SWB and think I found a match...
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    romano schwabel
    the seller stopped the auction

    I send several mail to ebay because of the "other items" problem but ebay is not even capable of all my questions to answer at once. so I had to ask and ask again but ebay can not explain what is/was going wrong because at their system it is all going fine - so they told/ have written to me.
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    had great success with this one. Pick your (desired country login) and away you go...
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