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Ferrari 308 Air Pump & Pulley Removal - Cover needed

Discussion in '308/328' started by ItalianProjects101, Dec 5, 2023.

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  1. ItalianProjects101

    Feb 5, 2023
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    I am currently rebuilding my engine on my 1978 308 GTS (US Spec) and part of the rebuild, is that I want to eliminate the emissions (I can do this where I am located since the car is over 30 years).

    I will be replacing the stock camshafts with a set from CatCams so I'm wondering what is the correct (not just visual but also technical) to cover the endplate.

    Upon my research I found out that Euro spec cars had a blow by cover which was plumbed to the bell housing.
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    On the US car however I can see that on the bell housing there is also this pipe but unsure to what it is plumbed to:
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    Is the below photo from another thread I found correct? It plumbs to the cylinder head?

    If that is the case, I presume just an endcap would be enough correct? I noriced Carobu did the following:
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    Would a stock euro left side cylinder head camshaft end plate cover work on the right side US cylinder head?
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    It's the correct size, but the air pump cam cover and the cylinder head both lack provision for fasteners to hold it in place.

    To accomplish this on my own car, I changed out the cam cover for a euro spec one (has the required holes, and no lumpy mounts for the air pump), then drilled/tapped the head (!) to install studs to hold the new cover. So not a trivial undertaking. Btw, the engine was out at the time. Would be very difficult with the engine in. FWIW I used the vented to the crankcase cap arrangement.

    A better/easier solution might be to have a custom plug machined you could seal into place where the cam seal formerly resided. Much easier to do with the engine in situ.
  3. smg2

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    That's a simple part to get machined. Cost is usually the bugger for one off parts.

    Round cap with a step for an o ring like the later QV cam front seals. Held on place via tension of the cover.

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