Ferrari 330 P3/4 (0846) and Ferrari 412 P (0844)

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    For those interested in the history of 0844 my Christie's catalog text of the 2000 Pebble Beach auction is still online, sorry for not posting the link but I am on a cell phone in a train in the Alps:)
    It Google's right up though.
    I recall Jean Guichet was most gracious, I called him in Marseille from Florida out of the blue and he immediately gave me 90 minutes of his time.

    I had less luck with Brenda Vernor Piero Ferrari's then assistant as she said he felt pressured to answer my emailed questions so fast, so no go.
    It was a fun text to do even though I only had three days due to deadline.
    It was actually a separate catalog for the most expensive Monterey auction car of that puny the price seems from today's perspective.
    I got to do that text because another Christie's catalog bio plagiarized one of my research articles without due credit so they gave me this task to soothe me and it did as it paid well;-)
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    Thanks Dave.
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    One interesting point about the 412Ps, 0848 (the Filipinetti 412P ex 330 P3 Spa and Monza winning car) is the only one that kept the eight original slots behind the rear wheel arches, all the other ones had the P4 configuration of seven slots.
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    0844 was the 1966 Monza and Spa winning 330 P3.
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