Ferrari built using 12 Photos

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    NOTE: I did a search, but couldn't find any referece to this VERY interesting story... if a thread DOES exist, please delete.

    Mike in Kuwait


    In late 1951, the well-known Swedish ice racing champion, "Hooky" Sundberg, ordered a new racer from Ferrari with a special custom spyder body from Vignale. Upon taking delivery of his new car at the Ferrari factory in Modena, Italy, he drove it back to Sweden himself, over the midwinter sandy and muddy oads of northern Europe. He raced the car only three times, during January and February of 1952, before the newly designed two-inch spikes mounted on the car's tires proved to be treacherous. During the third race, the spikes offered too much traction in a turn and the car overturned, crushing "Hooky" underneath and killing him.

    This website: tells the story of the rebuilding of that car over a two-year period at a cost of more than $132,000.
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    A 340MM, in disguise I was told....only saw engine in base component form....I talked with Ken about his tin knocking the body...what a talent he has, gawdalmighteeee....
    I am privy to some of the goings on within the engine and not much more....a 340 Lampredi, with the usual maladies experienced within it's main saddles-sans adequate stud doweling/loacators, and the resultant metal fatigue.
    Truthfully, almost all of them suffer the same fate/problems.

    Big bore Lampredis are fabulously difficult to maintain, and mythically difficult to machine properly, with in the proper perspective of viewing them through the "long time ago prism...." they are nothing, if not a backbreaking and a mind numbing ordeal!
    Hopefully you didn't lose too many fingernails(those hairpins are really not so quaint from a practitioners perspective!)
    Collectors and their restoration teams complain how expensive they are to own, operate, and vintage race....that's the whole point...they were then, and are today: RACING CARS.....
    The largest and most prevalent complaint is cylinder sealing integrity....After being rebuilt and parked and expected to stay "intact/race ready," let alone...
    Rebuilt, and operated 6000 miles SMOH!
    Absurd, never was designers intent for such an operational envelope.
    true enough...but it is, and never was the intention that these be left alone for several YEARS, and run so long before MOHs

    not Sunday cruisers....they get run HARD-but, you can't win if you can't finish-and put away wet...
    until we get back to "the shop" for a total driveline rebuild!
    Then, it just sits until the next event's or qualifying sessions, testing....
    Then again, it's run hard to WIN....and redone again...
    Done to higher or lower states of tune, dependent upon wether it is a "short race", a "medium" race-24hrs-or, a multi day event...TDf, MM, Targa, CARRERA, ETC, ETC....then, it's rebuilt again... prior to the next outing....
    Finally, hopefully, sold after the LAST event on the calendar... so we don't have to pay to take it "home to Modena!"

    Those old enough to remember ought to be chuckling as that was where the old "win on Sunday-sell on
    Monday" quip originated from....

    ANY big block Lampredi is important, and needs to be brought back-regardless the effort and expeses required...they spawned an era to come...

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    Mike Seals
    Thanks for all the responses.... I thought it was an interesting story...

    Mike in Kuwait
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