Ferrari dealer in Lima Peru?

Discussion in 'Latin America' started by Azorf, Dec 15, 2006.

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    Hello Listers,
    I am going to be in Lima over the Holidays, I was wondering if there was a Ferrari dealer in Lima Peru? This will be my third trip to Peru, but first to Lima. If not a Ferrari dealer are there any dealers of Exotics there?
    Thanks in advance for your reply,
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    You be lucky if you find a BMW dealer
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    Hi, I know this topic is old but in case anyone else is interested I thought I would do justice to Peru

    As a matter of fact, there is much more in Peru than one would imagine.

    There are a few Ferrari on the streets in Lima. The main dealers I know are Fiat and SKbergé. SKBergé imports Ferrari and Maserati for Chile, and I am pretty sure they could also handle the import for Peru.

    Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes-AMG and Porsche are well established. I have seen some Audi R8 and AMG in the streets.
    I have also seen a few Lamborghini, but I don't know any retailer. I assume they must have been imported 'privately'.

    There is also a very nice private collection mixing classic and more modern cars worth seeing, belonging to Nicolini ( They also do restoration. I have seen a few cars shipped from Europe to be restored there.

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    Tom Tanner
    Here is what used to happen to a lot of classic sports cars imported to Peru. This was brought over by a Japanese collector who passed away while working in Peru leaving the car to fend for it's self. It was completely rusted out when found in the mud.

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    Never been to Peru howevr I own a 1966 shelby Gt 350 that was imported to lima peru new and was used as a race car driven by Teodora yagali the car raced several years and won the 3000km race in Peru two years in a row.. I canno remember the name of the race ..

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