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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by Drafun, Jan 10, 2015.

  1. Drafun

    Drafun Rookie

    Oct 23, 2014
    Hi everyone!!!

    I'm a big Ferrari fan and hope to own a 458 within the next 5 years. It is a big goal but given my skillset, I think it's achievable with the right business connections. I love how unique and perfect 458's look. Often times I find myself reading through topics on this forum and it is interesting...

    Me personally. I'm currently a Web Developer with a relatively high starting salary, 21-years-old and no student debts whatsoever. I think this puts me at a huge advantage in comparison to most 20 somethings. Also, I'll soon be learning how to create iOS & Android apps. I cannot wait for what 2015 has in store for me and so far everything is looking really good.

    I cannot wait for the moment when I can buy and maintain a Ferrari. I've never driven nor been in one. Recently I've been contemplating buying a 2010-11 Maserati GT but am unsure. I could comfortably afford it, but would it be the right step for me right now? Idk.

    How does it feel knowing that you own a Ferrari? How about the attention you always get? Any cool stories? Could you describe the moment the keys were handed to you?

    Thanks everyone!!!
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  3. Enzojr

    Enzojr F1 World Champ

    Dec 12, 2013
    West of PDX
    Full Name:
    The keys ..... ahhhhh an awesome feeling, and welcome to F chat. You might want to fill out your profile a bit more with your location. There is most likely a Ferrari owner close to you. Consider a used one first in the Maserati range ? Do your research, talk to people on here, and yes it is well worth the wait. I personally don't like the attention and love the back roads, but a thumbs up from someone does not hurt.
  4. Drafun

    Drafun Rookie

    Oct 23, 2014
    Hi! Yea there are a quite FChatters in the Chicago area, as well as other Ferrari owners. I just don't want to be a nuisance asking for a ride (I'm sure they get asked every day). I guess it'll come in due time... but if the opportunity presents itself, sure!

    I'm actually saving up to buy a 2010-2011 Maserati GT in the $60-65k range. I plan to save $30k, call in a $10k favor and finance the rest.
  5. mobiledev22

    mobiledev22 Karting

    Feb 20, 2015
    Chicago, IL
    I'm actually the original poster. This post is a bit of 5-years-later memoir.

    In short: I blew it. I don't own a Ferrari five years later despite making more than enough income. I'm now 27.

    I'm really disappointed in myself. I did actually buy that Maserati GT in 2015, and sold it a year later in 2016.

    A better investment would had been to buy Tesla stock. In 2015 I had $60K in cash, and I seriously considered buying TSLA. I chose to buy the Maserati, which I only owned for a year. It was traded for an Audi A7, which has massively depreciated in value. The Mas GT, on the other hand, has held quite steadily. I've been a HUGE Elon Musk fan since 2014. AI, ML? Check -- been rambling about it since then. If I had chosen to invest in TSLA, the $60k would be $427K today.

    I earned ~$200k/yr in salary in the years between 2015 and late 2018. More than enough to save, invest and probably own a house & Ferrari by now.

    Total pre-tax income over the last 4 years has been ~$1.1M.

    Unfortunately, I wasted most of that income on living a lifestyle that wasn't affordable. I was paying all expenses for two people -- myself & my then-girlfriend. Multiple car payments, expensive rent, accumulated credit card debt which ruined my credit and going out to eat for every meal every day.

    I didn't care about saving money -- since my plan was always to sell a company by now. I also gained a lot of weight, and wasn't very happy with my appearance during these years.

    I wish I would had done things differently. Life would be so much better today. My then-girlfriend, whom is a few years older, did cry when I bought the Maserati. Not out of happiness, but anger. She wanted me to use that money to invest in Real Estate. I wish I had done that as well.

    I'm now 27 and still earn a relatively high income. 2019 was thankfully a great year for me: I cleared my debt, began to fix my credit score, and finally started saving money. Hopefully I learn from my financial mistakes in future years.

    ^ 2015-2016
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  6. jdlegg

    jdlegg Karting

    Dec 22, 2009
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    James Legg
    Keep the dream alive!
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