Ferrari Service of Costa Mesa. AWSOME!

Discussion in 'California (Southern)' started by rimoore, Mar 27, 2005.

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    About six weeks ago I was driving my 76 308GTB around town when it starting making a very load noise. I traced it to my water pump and brought it into the San Diego Ferrari dealer where I get most of the work done on my two cars. I decided since they were going to be in the engine to change all the belts, tension bearings, etc. etc. They were into the job when they noticed that both my cam drive gear bearings were bad. They said that to fix them they needed to pull the motor. I called another shop locally and they said the same thing. Having just spent 10K on a major and updates for my other car. I wasn't in the mood to fork out another pile of cash. I did some research and the dealer was right. If you go by the book you need to pull the motor. I did some checking around f-chat and read that there were tricks to doing the bearings with the motor in (Thanks F-Chat). I called Mike and asked if he could do it. He said no problem and quoted me a price on the bearings and the rest of the work, timing belts, tension bearings, water pump, belts. I had to ask him to repeat the price a few times because it seemed very low. I next had my car towed up to the shop and the work began. Mike called me a few times during the next few weeks updating me on the progress. On one of the calls he said that he was upgrading my A/C to R12 and doing the inner cam bearings at no charge, but needed my ok to purchase a needed fitting. Have you ever heard of free work on a Ferrari? Mike called me late last week saying the car was done and I could come up on Saturday to pick it up (They are usually closed on Sat). I said that I'd take the train and he offered to pick me up, which he did. We went over the bill and I learned that he also changed the oil, plugs, etc. with only charges for the parts.
    I drove the car home today and it is running like a top. Mike is my hero and I'll use him again when the need arises! His website


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