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Discussion in 'Ferrari Discussion (not model specific)' started by WJHMH, Dec 15, 2003.

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  1. WJHMH

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    Sep 5, 2001
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  2. zjpj

    zjpj F1 Veteran

    Nov 4, 2003
  3. ferrari_kid

    ferrari_kid Formula Junior

    Jul 5, 2003
  4. madturk

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    Nov 2, 2003
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    Seyhan Kilincci
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    The last picture (scroll all the way down) on this site, what the hell is that. Never seen it, looks very cool. Looks like kevlar or carbon fiber. Does it gain any hp.???? Does anyone know what it is or who makes it???
  5. ferrari_kid

    ferrari_kid Formula Junior

    Jul 5, 2003

    it's the intake box, a few people make the cf ones. i'm sure there's a boost in hp, it's probably slight though.

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