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Discussion in 'Chicago' started by rob lay, Dec 31, 2015.

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    Lake Forest Sportscars has been a family owned, factory authorized Ferrari dealership since 1982. We are located 30 miles north of downtown Chicago and 50 miles south of Milwaukee. Our client service transporters are circulating throughout the Midwest constantly offering enclosed pickup and delivery. Our service department uses ‘Genuine Ferrari Parts’ which carry a two year parts AND labor warranty. 360 and older Ferrari models have a very ‘friendly’ labor rate so be sure you call our service department for anything you need. Ask for Owen or Drexel. Our pre-owned selections include ‘Modern Pre-Owned’ as well as ‘Classic Pre-Owned. We can perform Classiche inspections as well. And if you feel like going Challenge Racing then give Nick a call and get the ‘inside line.’ Factory Autorized New and Used Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin, Lotus and McLaren Dealer
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  3. StregaP

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    Buon giorno! Is Rick Mancuso still involved with the dealership?? IlDottore(Stephen Earle MD)
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    mark k.
    One of very few dealers that you can really trust, a very rare phenomenon.
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    Lake Forest... please bring some life into this Chicago region. I'm sick of talking about Bentley's on the Gold Coast..

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    November to April is too long without any car events.
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    Henry W.
    +1 You should do like an indoor event if you can get any rare supercars, other than what you already have in stock ;) to show up.
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    Parts Department
    Lake Forest Sports Cars will be a top-notch sponsor and dealership!
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    Tal & Beryl
    The showroom at Lake Forest Sports Cars (actually in Lake Bluff) is unbelievable! It's huge and over-the-top gorgeous (and yes, I use that word sparingly if not referring to a woman, LOL.). It has a clean, modern museum vibe without going the flashy route. They always have a great selection in stock, the parking is ample and protected, and the salespeople know what they are talking about. My wife and I are big fans but I frown on her going in alone as our garage is already full. The same reason reason she won't let me go in solo...:-(
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    I have yet to see anyone play pool there though
  12. tdean

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    We used to years ago when we first got it, not so much anymore.
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    Guess, everyone knows more than
  14. Townshend

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    Sounds like a game next time I'm in :)

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