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Discussion in 'Vintage Ferrari Market' started by Timmmmmmmmmmy, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Timmmmmmmmmmy

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    Apr 5, 2010
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    Timothy Russell
    RM Sotheby's have announced the offering of a 1957 250GT Tour de France (#0879GT). Estimate 7 - 9 million EURO ($8.6 - 11.1 million)
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    Bonhams are also offering the only known survivor from the three 625TFs (#0304TF) with Vignale Barchetta coachwork. Estimate 4.5 - 6.5 million EURO ($5.6 - 8.1 million)

    Image Unavailable, Please Login

    These and dozens more from Maranello will be available in early May 2018 alongside the fabulous Grand Prix Historique.

    A full lot list will be available soon at
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    Andrew Menasce
    That 625 is amazing. I think i would take it over a TDF.
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  3. ERA

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    Dec 21, 2015
    4 cylinders barchetta over a pristine TdF?
    Not so sure ;)
  4. Timmmmmmmmmmy

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    Apr 5, 2010
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    Timothy Russell
    Hi everyone.
    The biennial Monaco Classique is next weekend and pays homage to the greatest of all Grand Prix with races for everyone including fans of sportscars since the 1952 GP was run for sportscars (think Ferrari 166,212,225 and 340, Jaguar C-Type etc, it was won by Vittorio Marzotto in 225S #0154ED) and grids of cars not seen elsewhere, further its the French Riviera so as long as you can afford it, you wont regret taking in the event.
    Bonhams and RM are both offering auctions in conjunction with the event, Bonhams highlights are the ex Senna Monaco GP winning McLaren F1 and Ferrari 625TF, across town RMs marquee lot is the 250GT Tour de France #0879GT.

    A few days and 388km later Finarte are hosting their inaugural auction in association with the Mille Miglia and their highlights are the beautiful Fiat 8V Vignale Coupe and a brace of crazy expensive Mercedes-McLaren SLRs.

    Ferrari's on offer are

    Ferrari 195 Inter 0113S RM Monaco 12/05/2018 €500,000 €600,000 N/R $605,000 $726,000
    Ferrari 625TF 0304/0306TF Bonhams Monaco 11/05/2018 €4,500,000 €6,500,000 $5,355,000 $7,735,000
    Ferrari 250GT Tour de France 0879GT RM Monaco 12/05/2018 €7,000,000 €9,000,000 $8,470,000 $10,890,000
    Ferrari 250GT Boano 0639GT RM Monaco 12/05/2018 €800,000 €1,000,000 $968,000 $1,210,000
    Ferrari 250GT Pininfarina Coupe 1555GT RM Monaco 12/05/2018 €480,000 €580,000 $580,800 $701,800
    Ferrari 250GT Pininfarina Spider Series II 3459GT RM Monaco 12/05/2018 €1,400,000 €1,600,000 $1,694,000 $1,936,000
    Ferrari 250GTE 2+2 4787 Bonhams Monaco 11/05/2018 €300,000 €350,000 $357,000 $416,500
    Ferrari 275GTB 08729 RM Monaco 12/05/2018 €2,000,000 €2,200,000 $2,420,000 $2,662,000
    Ferrari 330GT 2 + 2 Series II 9793 Bonhams Monaco 11/05/2018 €190,000 €240,000 $226,100 $285,600
    Ferrari 330GTC 11087 RM Monaco 12/05/2018 €425,000 €475,000 $514,250 $574,750
    Ferrari 365GTB/4 13183 RM Monaco 12/05/2018 €550,000 €650,000 $665,500 $786,500
    Ferrari 246GT 01862 RM Monaco 12/05/2018 €230,000 €280,000 $278,300 $338,800
    Ferrari 365GT/4 BB 18041 Bonhams Monaco 11/05/2018 €285,000 €315,000 $339,150 $374,850
    Ferrari 365GT4/BB 17983 RM Monaco 12/05/2018 €350,000 €400,000 $423,500 $484,000
    Ferrari 246GTS 07394 RM Monaco 12/05/2018 €390,000 €420,000 $471,900 $508,200
    Ferrari 308GTS 21371 RM Monaco 12/05/2018 €300,000 €400,000 N/R $363,000 $484,000
    Ferrari 512BBi 49533 RM Monaco 12/05/2018 €225,000 €275,000 N/R $272,250 $332,750
    Ferrari F1/87 100 Bonhams Monaco 11/05/2018 €650,000 €850,000 $773,500 $1,011,500
    Ferrari Testarossa 77965 Bonhams Monaco 11/05/2018 €80,000 €100,000 N/R $95,200 $119,000
    Ferrari 328 Conciso 80962 RM Monaco 12/05/2018 €100,000 €120,000 N/R $121,000 $145,200
    Ferrari F512M 103477 RM Monaco 12/05/2018 €300,000 €350,000 $363,000 $423,500
    Ferrari 456GT 102550 RM Monaco 12/05/2018 €70,000 €90,000 N/R $84,700 $108,900
    Ferrari 550 Maranello 114984 Bonhams Monaco 11/05/2018 €130,000 €160,000 $154,700 $190,400
    Ferrari 360 Challenge 123327 RM Monaco 12/05/2018 €70,000 €90,000 N/R $84,700 $108,900
    Ferrari 575M Maranello 127860 Bonhams Monaco 11/05/2018 €240,000 €280,000 $285,600 $333,200
    Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale 132337 RM Monaco 12/05/2018 €190,000 €210,000 $229,900 $254,100
    Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale 137857 Finarte Brescia 14/05/2018 €260,000 €280,000 $314,600 $338,800
    Ferrari F430GTC 2446 RM Monaco 12/05/2018 €450,000 €500,000 $544,500 $605,000
    Ferrari 575 Superamerica 146050 RM Monaco 12/05/2018 €550,000 €650,000 $665,500 $786,500
    Ferrari F430 Challenge 146687 RM Monaco 12/05/2018 €80,000 €120,000 $96,800 $145,200
    Ferrari 430 Scuderia 163729 RM Monaco 12/05/2018 €200,000 €240,000 $242,000 $290,400
    Ferrari 599GTO 181880 RM Monaco 12/05/2018 €600,000 €650,000 $726,000 $786,500
    Ferrari Sergio 205529 RM Monaco 12/05/2018 €2,500,000 €3,000,000 $3,025,000 $3,630,000
    Ferrari California 70th Anniversary 226536 RM Monaco 12/05/2018 €315,000 €390,000 $381,150 $471,900

    For the first time in a couple of years Ferrari's outweigh Porsches 34 to 25 so maybe there is life in the old girl yet.

    If anyone wants full coverage of the sales, please visit my free site

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  5. Nembo1777

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    Nov 4, 2006
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    Marc Sonnery
    Suggest the two threads be merged before they start echoing...

    Look forward to seeing TDF 0879 again 21 years after I drove her at Spa in pouring rain for the Cavallino article:) Have seen her several times since in Modena, Maranello and at the Fiorano museum.
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  6. turbo-joe

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    Apr 6, 2008
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    romano schwabel
    timothy, what means sometimes between the numbers N/R ?
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  8. Nembo1777

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    Nov 4, 2006
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    Marc Sonnery
    #7 Nembo1777, May 12, 2018
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    Where is everybody? very quiet here since all the speculators have gone, nicer that way.

    Well the Bonhams auction took place at la Vigie in Monaco, the setting was superb, straight out of a movie or a novel, in fact I will use that event and setting as a scene in one of my novels, a stunning hilltop villa above the sea at the eastern end of Monaco which Oligarchs and other zillionaires can rent, an incredible setting, everybody was there, the champagne was good and the two star lots were the Senna 1984 Toleman Hart with which he made his mark, storming towards the lead in that rain drenched Monaco GP, I was there that day and recall how everyone was stunned by how fast he was catching Prost...until Jacky Ickx red flagged the race half way through for excessively wet conditions denying Senna his first win.

    €1610000 way beyond estimate.

    THE star car of the evening was probably the most important modern F1 car ever offered at auction the 1993 McLaren with which he beat Graham Hill's record of 5 Monaco wins with his sixth and final one in 1993 one year before he left us.

    It was spine tingling to see and hear it being presented, 25 years after that day. The bidding was very intense and it was bought by Bernie Ecclestone and dealer Tom Hartley who sat near the front. I thought Lewis Hamilton who idolized Senna would bid from the Barcelona paddock and maybe one of the top bidders represented him but no one I spoke knew anything about that. €4197500.

    The big Ferrari lot, the 625TF failed to sell. The 365BB ex Peter Schetty was as nice as its history, €333500.

    Gerhard Berger was there in attendance very relaxed but the 1987 F/87 he used to race did not sell.

    One Jaguar Michelotti barn find exploded its estimates.

    Press release:

    All results:

    There was a very positive mood not the somewhat funereal atmosphere of the same auctions 2 years ago, in fact I left fairly early, after the Senna McLaren and heard from many hundreds of meters away the cheers for some other important lot.

    It was a great day for other reasons too, I had a ride on track with one of two Osca Fissore spyder in existence and it was surreal to see Jacky Ickx parading the huge and very long 1981 Le Mans winning Jules 936 on track for the 70th of Porsche he must have needed three point turns to get around the former Loews hairpin:)

    The 1512 of Lawrence Auriana driven by Joe Colasacco is a serious contender in the early sixties F1 race we will see tomorrow, lots of other Ferraris in the races with the spazzaneve the best sounding. Red Bull genius engineer Adrian Newey is racing an F1 car here this weekend, not in Barcelona for F1 that tells you something:)

    RM Sotheby's auction this afternoon.
  9. Timmmmmmmmmmy

    Timmmmmmmmmmy Formula 3

    Apr 5, 2010
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    Timothy Russell
    A few observations from the weekends auctions
    - continuation of European vendors not accepting some decent bids (culture?)
    - Ferrari 625TF failure at around $4 million reminds me that a very similar 166MM/53 that failed at a similar level at RM Paris (new market price?)
    - Gen X has a lot of cash and for many Senna is the GOAT (dream on Lewis) so no surprise they valued both the McLaren and Toleman so highly and no better venue than Monaco to get the extra money for them. While not stated in the catalog, a single US buyer purchased 20 McLaren MP4s from Ron Dennis back in 2000 so maybe we will see a few more come to market?
    - The Sergio (like the 625TF) could have been let go at the high bid (roughly $2.5 million US$), ditto the 250GT Tour de France at $7 million plus.
    - Bonhams have stolen a march but narrowing the number of lots to the best of the bunch rather than filling the list with rubbish. They also did well with their two marquee lots which had appeal to completely different markets. Bravo to them.
    - RM had announced the offering of a Bugatti Type 51 and Bonhams the ex King of Greece BMW 507, where were they at Monaco, crickets?.......

    All in all, the McLaren was the most expensive car since Scottsdale in January and third most expensive (other than the $5.17 million Porsche 550A at Bonhams Scottsdale and Pinin Farina's unique 275GTB #6437 which made $8.085 million at Gooding Scottsdale) car sold at auction since the Competizione California at RM New York in December 2017 and that was 6 months ago and while it may not seem like much it does prove there is life in the market yet.

    (we have seen Gooding fail to sell the 410SA #0491SA, Porsche 911 Carrera RSR Turbo, Artcurial the 250 PF Spider S1 #0849GT, the withdrawal of the 275P #0816, Worldwide fail to sell Hitlers Mercedes 770K, Jaguar D-Type #XKD518 and Ferrari 250GT PF Spider S1 #1079GT at Gooding and Jaguar D-Type #XKD403 at RM all of which would have been $5 million minimum)
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  10. nis1973

    nis1973 Formula Junior

    Jan 19, 2013
    “a single US buyer purchased 20 McLaren MP4s from Ron Dennis back in 2000 so maybe we will see a few more come to market?” <<< Perhaps more will come out but I’d think that the McLaren that just sold should be among the better, if not the outright best, of the lot. Can you do better than Senna + Monaco winner?
  11. Nembo1777

    Nembo1777 F1 Rookie
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    Nov 4, 2006
    opposite lock
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    Marc Sonnery
    There were at least 30% less people than in previous editions in the RM auction: the speculators have scampered out of the ship...
    Great to see the Pope's Huracan sell for €715K benefiting charity, long bidding battle much applause.
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  12. F12KID

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    Nov 27, 2013
    ZH CH
    Very weak auction overall IMHO. Most cars didn’t achieve big numbers and some (corvette) went for silly each, their own, but.....
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  13. Timmmmmmmmmmy

    Timmmmmmmmmmy Formula 3

    Apr 5, 2010
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    Timothy Russell
    Yeah, well its outside the scope of this coverage to discuss the merits of Prost vs Senna but despite the extra success that Prost has I couldn't argue that Prost is nowhere near as exciting and a Monaco GP win simply makes it better BUT I am guessing a McLaren Porsche or McLaren Honda from one of the most dominant era's of either 1984/85 or 1988/89 would go for $3 - 4 million. This is roughly the same value as Schumacher championship winning Ferrari which are readily available via Ferrari Corsa Cliente and considering the extra rarity of the McLaren, why not? As both the first to be offered AND Senna's final Monaco winner this car should carry a premium but how much will only be answered in time.
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  15. Daytonafan

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    Oct 18, 2003
    Surrey, England
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    Apparently the Mclaren was brought by a certain Mr Bernard Ecclestone.
  16. Timmmmmmmmmmy

    Timmmmmmmmmmy Formula 3

    Apr 5, 2010
    Full Name:
    Timothy Russell
    Its a little weird because he used to have a fantastic collection of cars and yet around 2014/5 he sold off the Maserati 250F, Mercedes-Benz W125 and others yet who knows what happened to the 40 other f1 cars AND what about the dozens of Brabhams. Further he supposedly bought the F1 cars as part of some plan to do demonstrations to promote his circus and since he is no longer the F1 circus master I can't see why he would promote something he doesn't benefit from. That said can I throw it out there that Bernie may decide to have a go promoting classic racing?

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