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Discussion in '612/599' started by asg612, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. asg612

    asg612 Karting

    Feb 17, 2008
    SR, NJ
    Hi All -

    What a great forum! You guys love your cars! I hope to be able to grace these pages soon with some pics of a new beauty I saw yesterday....

    I currently own a Porsche 997 Turbo. I love the car. I was heading to my porsche dealer yesterday to spec out a new 997 Turbo Cabriolet, when I decided to just stop into the Ferrari dealer on the way. What a mistake. I really haven't spent too much hands on time with Ferrari and have always dreamed of one...but never thought I had balls big enough to pull the trigger. So...long story short. After leaving the Ferrari dealer and getting back into my porsche, I felt a void. This fire started to burn in my belly.... Ferrari builds fantastic cars and are unlike anything in the world...i was smitten yesterday.

    So here goes...hopefully some of you long-timers and Ferrari purists can assist a fella who just doesnt want to get burned.

    1. IS is silly to buy a 2005 612 with two months left on warranty - Dealer will throw in a "major" service as they call it.
    2. Is purchasing the power warranty worthwhile? It covers the major stuff...what about the little things? Am I going to kick myself for buying this car?
    3. I have a 3 year old and 6 month old - Can I really fit car seats in the rear? Anyone have any recomendations of the type of seats used?
    4. If you had a crystal 12 to 24 months, where could you see a sub 10,000 mile 05 612 being prices at? I would imagine $150's. But then again....what do I know!

    I never enjoyed driving a car more than yesterday. THe color combo isnt my favorite, but the car has a true appeal to it. Grigio Ingrid with Dark Blue fully connoly leather. The car has pretty much every conceiveable option - and the price is in the market, maybe a bit higher than what you might pay from a non-authorized Ferrari dealer.

    Any thoughts you can provide would be greatly apprecaited. I have always dreamed of a Ferrari V12 when I first laid eyes on the 550 Maranello when I was younger. The extra $50K to get into a relatively "new" 612 from a 575M F1 seems to me to be a logical choice. Especially since I can take both my kids on a bagel and lox run!

    Thanks again!

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  3. Simon^2

    Simon^2 F1 World Champ
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    Oct 17, 2005
    At Sea Level
    612 is a spectacular car.

    -easily fit 2 car seats in the back. or take adults in the back (my wife loves the back seat of our friends 612)
    -it's a ferrari
    -useable performance

    -will continue to depreciate. I think your guess for price in 1-2 years is pretty good.

    As for warranty: buy the absolute most warranty you can find... you want as much covered as possible, not because things are likely to go wrong, because to the best of my knowledge the 612's are proving themselves as well built, but when things do break it's expensive.

    Good luck.
  4. asg612

    asg612 Karting

    Feb 17, 2008
    SR, NJ
    #3 asg612, Feb 18, 2008
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    Thanks for your input and advice. I know these forums can be places where its frowned upon to ask such questions like I did, but I am much more comfortable with watches (and watch fora) than fine autos.

    I was calling around to a few dealers in the US today and it appears that the 612 is somewhat "rare" in my neck of the woods. A dealer in the NY/NJ area told me today that there is a new 612 coming out in a few short months. It will have additional hp, interior upgrades and a new list price well over $300K. I was then told I could get one in about 6 to 9 months. Still, i had to wipe the shock off my face before I could utter the words...uhhhhh...well...that's a bit more than I want to spend.

    AS a younger guy, with two small kids and another on the way, I shouldnt even be buying a car...but my father-in-law said If I dont do it now...I never will. Arent father-in-laws always right :).

    So, after hearing this "news", I feel that a price around 200K is more than fair for a car of this caliber. Its amazing to I allowed to say that a pre-loved 612 is a "bargin" compared to its 8cylinder cousins? I'm amazed at the proces of 430's and late model 360's. The 612 Scag is a tremendous bang for the buck when dealing in this league.

    I'd love a few owners to comment on their current experiences and feelings about the automobile. It does seem to attract a specialized buyer and those particular folks tend to love it is the sentiment I get while surfing the web.

    I can't wait.

    THanks agian for your comments!


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  5. Ferrarista3

    Ferrarista3 F1 Rookie

    Oct 30, 2007
    Full Name:
    Hello there.

    I think it might worth looking for one with the HGTS or HGTC (depends on whether you're interested in carbon ceramic brakes or not) package because the car simply sounds GLORIOUS with the sport exhausts (saw one recently in Monaco and that thing sounded just as good as a Challenge Stradale to my ears). For a little insight on the HGTS/HGTC handling packs you might want to have a look at this brief review on evo-

  6. ggetz

    ggetz Karting

    Dec 20, 2007
    asg -- that you from the PuristS? Funny how watch and car interests seem to move in parallel for many folks.

    I've had my 612 for a little over two months, and think it's fantastic. Mine is TdF blue over Cuoio leather/french blue trim -- a gorgeous combo. I also like the Ingrid -- a very pretty color on that car.

    Lots of interior room, luxurious surroundings, handles a lot better than you think it would (which is to say, really really well), big V12 power -- and even my wife loves it. It's my fourth F-car, and may be the best of all.

    Leave it to Thomas M to buy an entry-level 8-cylinder car -- 12 is where it's at! Of course you're paying close to Voutilainen decimal repeater money for a 612, but you can always wear your other watches while you're driving the heck out of the car. Kari would understand...

    Drop me a note if you'd like to chat further.


    Gary G
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  8. asg612

    asg612 Karting

    Feb 17, 2008
    SR, NJ
    Hi - yes it's me from thepurists - Funny right?

    I ran out of watches to buy that I liked so I felt it was time to part with the 997 Turbo and step up to a "real" car. Another problem is, my VOutilainen wont be ready until the end of the year so, I guess my psyche needed something else to pass the time with. Waiting for the Series 2 was bad enough!

    I happen to love the 612 - i drove it again last night. The deal on the car is pretty good - Just under 200K for Ingrid/BLue Medio, Bluetooth, Heated seats, parking sensors, Navi, lots of leather options, parktronic - adn its A FERRARI!!!

    I'm having dealer anxiety - do I want to buy one from an Authorized Ferrari Dealer or Do I want to buy one from an exotic car dealer? Will I loose more money on the car since its the Ingrid with a Blue Medio interior? WIll I be happy in 6 months with a car with Blue interior?

    Your 612 is my dream car - I would like a TdF Blue exterior. That is what the Exotic dealer is look for, for me. The Ferrari AD just says, we dont see many of these cars and this is what we have. I have to make a decision today as the Ferrari AD wont hold the car any longer -

    i'll look for your email address Gary - maybe we can chat today?

    I think the Ingrid with Blue car is just beautiful - I havent seen another 612 since I made the decision to buy one. I'm just going to look at it this way....If this deal on the INgrid passes my by...I can always sell my Resonance which gets little to no wrist time and step into a "younger" car. THis one is an 05 with 3200 miles.

    Let's speak if ou have a chance today- Thanks Gary -

    Hows you YG AP treating you these days?


  9. donv

    donv Two Time F1 World Champ
    Rossa Subscribed Owner

    Jan 5, 2002
    Portland, Oregon
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    Per my dealer, today, base on the 2008 612 is $263,500 plus options.

    F1, of course, is $12k, and with various other options it's not hard to get above $300k, but it's not "well over $300k."

  10. Ferrarista3

    Ferrarista3 F1 Rookie

    Oct 30, 2007
    Full Name:
    Wow, looks like you guys on the other side of the 'pond' are clearly favored by the weak dollar when buying F-cars (and not only). In Italy, a fully loaded 612 will go a little past $400k (roughly 280 000 Euros...231k being the starting price for an F-1).

    However, on the other hand, in Italy maintenance costs are significantly lower, there's no such thing as paying 'over MSRP', waiting lists are under or around a year (don't know about the scuderia though) and if you want a new Ferrari and have the money you just walk in a dealership and buy as if it were bread or anything else (maybe not the 'special' models like the Enzo, 612 Sessanta etc...) without having to buy X number of used Ferraris prior to that.

  11. Bronzage

    Bronzage Formula 3

    Sep 18, 2007
    West Africa
    Full Name:
    I bought my 612 last year....I love the car...I also just extended all my warrantys....its worth it. Trust me, you wont regret it....and u will feel you did the right thing...even if there is a bigger hole in your wallet.
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  13. asg612

    asg612 Karting

    Feb 17, 2008
    SR, NJ
    Hi Don -

    I spoke with the kind folks at Central NJ - What they infomred me of, is that if i ordered an 09 for delivery late 08, early 09 - new base price of $318K USD for a 6 speed manual and that a fully optioned F1 will run close to $350K USD. He told me he would put me on the list without a deposit and that when it came time to order the car, a small deposit would be taken. Honestly, nice straightforward gentlemen I spoke with.

    If a Ferrari Authorized Dealer is telling me $350K for a new 612, to me that's well over $300K. I guess its all relative, in my world, if its over $305K, that's consiered well over! :).


  14. FJerry

    FJerry Formula Junior

    Dec 1, 2004
    United States
    the guys at FoCNJ are tops.

    best regards,
  15. BritBlaster

    BritBlaster F1 Rookie
    Silver Subscribed

    Jul 25, 2005
    Bellevue, WA
    Full Name:
    There are plenty of 612s to choose from. IMO, it is a BIG mistake to choose a car because of the convenience that a dealer has it in stock, unless it's exactly what you want. Grigio Ingrid is a very tough sell (certainly in this area), and with blue interior would make it almost completely sell-proof. Find one that is EXACTLY (at least very very close) to what you want -- this is a very special purchase after all, and a lot of money; it only makes sense to make it "just right". The bulk of the depreciation on a 2005 612 has already been done, so you're probably looking at a 10-15% per year depreciation over the next few years. Skip the powercube warranty, it is very overpriced, and unless you're going to be doing LOTS of miles on your car the chance of something failing (that's expensive) is remote. Instead, put the 6-8k saved per year into your favorite kind of savings mechanism, and use that to cover any unexpected maintenance events. Chances are you'll have a tidy sum left over after a 2-3yr ownership period that you can put towards your next vehicle.

    I do think it's a good idea to buy from a reputable authorized dealer, and if I was in your position I would work with the dealership to have them find you exactly what you're looking for. If I was in the market for a 612, I'd probably be very tempted by the one at:
    I don't like non-black steering wheels, but that car looks fantastic.
  16. watt

    watt Formula 3

    Jun 17, 2004
    Way Back In, NZ
    Full Name:
    Giuseppe T Hemingway
    i would second britblaster on boardwalk, they are quality.

    the ingrid/navy look is shelton's S FL look, they crank them out, there's 3 down there, take a look on dupont registry. most 612's are not saleable, but ingrid hides dirt thus is practical.

    the big ? is how much more do 612's fall in in price. there are many more cars than buyers, espec. 2005's in my recent research seem to be as low as 160 for stick, as low as 170 f1 w/ base wheels...

    i think prices will sag as cars for sale pile up, but meanwhile one gets older waiting:)

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