First Time Tracking F12 (Advice Needed)

Discussion in 'Tracking & Driver Education' started by astrotheide, Jul 18, 2021.

  1. astrotheide

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    May 3, 2017

    Just wanted to make a quick post, I was just thinking about taking my F12 down to Sebring for the FCA event later this year.

    I have driven my 458 on track before but I know they're nowhere near the same car and I'd say it's safe to say that the 458 was stuck to the pavement like there was glue on my tires.

    Looking for some recommendations on what I should have done to the F12 before taking it on track, I did just get a new set of tires but if there's a preferred set that would be recommended for the track that'd be greatly appreciated.

    In addition to this... My only other issue would be insurance while on the track. I honestly don't even know where to look to get something like this and I'd like to have something pre-planned a month or so in advance because I'm 26 so I want to make sure this doesn't turn into a thing where I show up for the track and then don't get to go have fun because of a lack of planning.

    Any and all advice is more than welcome, looking forward to having a great weekend at Sebring!
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  3. 3POINT8

    3POINT8 F1 Rookie

    Jan 23, 2014
    I've tracked my 458 and my F12. I have Michelin 4S on the car and they are great. No issue with keeping tracking. Tons of power jumping from corner to corner. I think Sebring would be a perfect tract for the F12. I use ontrack insurance:


    845-638-0505 ext. 180
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  4. astrotheide

    astrotheide Rookie

    May 3, 2017
    Thank you very much, appreciate the quick response!

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