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    Geoff Lowe
    It has been brought to the attention of SCCA Technical Services that the use
    of full-face or closed-face helmets while driving vehicles with active airbag
    restraint systems may result in injuries in the event of a crash that deploys
    the airbag. Because of the location of the steering wheel relative to a
    driver’s position, the airbag axis is on a level with the driver’s chin. In a
    crash with airbag deployment, contact with the chin area of a full-face
    helmet can be so powerful “that the risk of fractures to the jaw cannot be
    ruled out“ (Hubert Gramling, FIA Institute, FT3/AF, 18.5.1999). This applies
    to vehicle that may be used in Solo, RallyCross, High Performance Car
    Control Clinics, etc.
    Therefore, it is highly recommended that full-face helmets not be used in
    vehicles with functional airbag systems. Potentially more restrictive language
    is currently being considered for 2005, which could appear in an early 2005
    issue of FasTrack. If you have any questions, please contact the SCCA at
    (800) 770-2055.
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