Gallardo at Co-Part in Elgin

Discussion in 'Chicago' started by LGAFF1, Feb 3, 2008.

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    Sep 22, 2007
    Not sure how true the story is but I saw the car first hand. There is a yellow Gallardo over at the Co-Part in Elgin. Rumor had it that the car is being held as evidence in a Credit fraud case. Story goes that the guy walked in and came to an agreed price on the Gallardo, they went to run his credit. He then stopped them and asked the not to(every run can lower your score somewhat) and said that he had a copy. Ended up with the car, for how long I don't know. Apparently when they went to pick it up(police), no oil in the motor. Was told it was checked prior to starting it up, so they didn't run the motor dry, but no one knows if the fraudulent buyer ran it without oil.

    It has been sitting outside, with snow on it....sad. No body damage.

    I snapped a few pics on my cell, but I can't get the thing to e-mail. Not sure how it works.

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