Garage Protection from Kids?

Discussion in 'General Automotive Discussion' started by KennyH, May 27, 2020.

  1. KennyH

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    Hi all,

    Seeking guidance on how to keep your toys safe / secure from your kids? I have two little girls who are often grabbing scooters, bikes, chalk, etc., and am hoping there are pre-existing solutions (that don't include putting the car in a bubble) to keep the cars ding free. Any luck on your end?

    Thank you!,

  2. Nuvolari

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    Rob C.
    Kids will be kids so your solution needs to contain a definitive barrier and some distance to the car. A friend of mine has a small 2 car garage and 2 young daughters. He has a Carcoon (yes I know you said no bubbles) and it does an excellent job of protecting his car from bikes and other things.

    Really you need to create a divided space so you may want to consider modular wall panels. They do not need to be tall but something that is 4-5 feet high is plenty to keep the space looking open while creating a protective spot for your car. If you are the DIY type you can buy from Home Depot glossy 4x8 sheets of material that is used for white boards. Build a nice sturdy divider with these and your kids will have a doodling surface on the outside to use dry erase markers on.
  3. Wade

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    Wade O.
    I've read that most Ferrari "accidents" occur in the garage.

    Definitely need a barrier like Rob suggested, or create a separate space for the girl's toys and activities.
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    Bill Tracy
    I would hang one of those spongy pool floats (not the inflatable ones) next to the Ferrari and have it hung on some strings with pulleys so you can lift it up out of the way without uninstalling it.
  5. PT 328

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    By a Tough Shed and put all the toys in it.
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    Comor Bidity
    Depends on the value of the car. At a certain point it gets its own place.

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