Gas Nozzle Won't Fill Without Stopping XX Times- '81 GTSi

Discussion in '308/328' started by 2dinos, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. 2dinos

    2dinos Formula 3

    Jan 13, 2007
    Like the thread title says. I've gone through the evap system and breather system. The hoses. All perfect! Grumble grumble. I've got a new theory. Vapor recovery is sucking up splashing fuel during fill-up triggering it to stop.

    Any thoughts?? Thanks. FWIW, I have a good buddy with GTSi, and has same dumb problem. His mechanic has carefully gone thru all of the components on the vent side, and renewed all of the hoses. Problem still remains. Occasionally, (kinda rare) I can go to a station, and it fills smoothly. Next time this happens, I should notice the pump nozzle. I seem to recall the gas nozzle brand Weaton (?). Maybe reach out to them?

    Sure love driving it !!!!!
  2. thorn

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    Aug 7, 2012
    Tallahassee, FL
    I have this happen occasionally with my DD. I think it's the pump, not my car. At the station I usually stop at, it never happens.
  3. johnk...

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    Jun 11, 2004
    New England/FL
    Common issue. Fill slower.
  4. Alex308qv

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    Jul 1, 2016
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    When I got my 308, an experienced tech said to fill slowly because it takes time for the levels to equalize between the two tanks via the cross pipe. I add a gallon, pause a few seconds, add another gallon, etc. Some pumps have high flow rates and if you don't go slow the pump will shut frequently or worse burp gas out the filler and all over your paint/shoes.
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  5. Steve Magnusson

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    Jan 11, 2001
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    Steve Magnusson
    Have you tried rotating the filling nozzle from the gas pump 180 degs (so the hoe end points up)? Many (including myself) have found this works much better.
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  6. wildcat326

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    Dec 10, 2012
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    On my car, have to hold the pump handle 180 degrees vertical (basically the plastic-covered handle touching the bodywork), and then it works fine; otherwise, it cuts off every other second. And my fuel tanks and breather system are freshly rebuilt and in perfect working order.
  7. 2dinos

    2dinos Formula 3

    Jan 13, 2007
    Thank you all!
    Going as slow as possible. So slowly in fact,I can't engage first pump levers holding slot. And still kicks off. I also tried to start/stop, but that works for a few seconds - then it doesn't. I thought I've tried to rotate nozzle without success, but I will definitely try this approach again. Lastly, some stations are indeed better.:)

    Would love to know why?? My Bimmer accepts fuel from anywhere and never behaves like this.
  8. GrigioGuy

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    Nov 26, 2001
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    Yes, I have one
    Turn the nozzle upside down
  9. johnny308

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    Dec 3, 2011
    Greenfield, MA. USA
    Fill slowly.........some pumps are more difficult than others.
  10. V4NG0

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    Dec 14, 2018
    Looking for parts NLA
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    I had this problem on my 911. As it was described to me, the "anti-spitback valve" was faulty. The dealer replaced it ~3 years ago, and fill-ups have been problem-free ever since.
  11. dinonz308

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    Nov 26, 2017
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    My M3 did this about a week ago at one station. Doesn't always do it, but I have had it a few times in the M3.

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