Germany f-car Insurance Really That High???

Discussion in 'Europe' started by TimF40, Mar 25, 2005.

  1. TimF40

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    Hi all,

    Yea, yea, yea, I did not search the archives first (but am doing so as I write this), but...

    I had an interesting conversation with a German (Hamburg) friend yesterday. He's a Porsche nut and I'm trying to get him interested in f-cars. The topic went great up until he said that insurance for a 360 in Germany (at least in Hamburg, for him), was up around 8,000 Euro??!! I initially thought he just did a language conversion error but he confirmed. He's only in his 40s, with maybe 1 ticket, and gets new Porsches like some people get new underwear (I'll leave it at that!).

    Is f-car insurance over in your neck of the woods really that high, or is he in a special risk category and doesn't know it? When I told him what I pay for my '05 360 Spider and '99 550 insurance in Seattle WA, his jaw dropped.

    Thanks - Tim
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  3. Bernd

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    Jan 6, 2005
    Stuttgart, Germany
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    Hi Tim,

    I got a insurance-offer for a new F430 from my local F-dealer this week. He works together with the Allianz, one of the biggest German insurance companies.

    I´m at 35% at my insurance rate.

    The Allianz is not the cheapest German insurance company, may be, another company will submit a cheaper offer, the Allianz offer for a new F430 is € 3.200 / year for fully comprehensive insurance.

    I have insured my Porsche GT3 at HUK24 (it´s one of the cheapest online insurance companies) for € 1.800 /year for fully comprehensive insurance.

    I havn´t aked, but I´m not shure, if the HUK 24 will insure a F-car.

  4. Dutchman

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    Dec 4, 2002
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    In Belgium we pay the same amount for the coverage of our Porsche.
  5. dasadrew

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    Aug 1, 2004
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    Drew H.
    I've got a 348 and I have 30% on the Fully Comp and 35% on the Third Party bit. It's €2300 !!! I'm 49, no convictions. It's Gerling, but took 2 months for the head of their "specials" department to agree. The girls at the Aon brokers did some great work as my company insures with them too. They also might reduce the amount after I complained a bit.

    I was with the HUK for 22 years previously and they refused to do a Ferrari under any circumstances.

    It's weird......
    Porsche - no probs
    Lambo - no probs
    Ferrari? No-one wants to touch you.

    Some insurers have said that they would insure me IF i were a long-standing, reputable customer with a lot of policies with them. This indicates that it is not the car but the scoundrels ;) who own them that they consider the risk?

    France is an almost identical story and again, the major insurance partner I've built up my history with and my bank are the two companies who don't do Ferraris under any circumstances.

    So in France or Germany it seems that, if you're planning to buy an F-Car in the next couple of years, it might be worth looking for a potential insurer now and start building up a history with them for house, life or any other insurance!

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