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Discussion in 'Technology' started by Ryan S., Sep 22, 2004.

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    What’s a good program to use to build a professional looking web page? I don’t have time right now to learn html, php, etc., etc. Down the road I will, but right now I just want something that will get me on line quick and some what easily. It would also be nice if this program or programs helped with the making of an online products catalogue, kind of like performance products catalogue.

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    There is many answers to this question... and many questions to your question...

    There are about 500 web building applications out there.

    A couple of questions would help guide an answer that is more detailed:

    1.) Are you going to be hosting it yourself, or via a hosting services co.
    2.) What platform do you or they perfer to use - OS (Linix, Unix, MS)
    3.) What kind of volume do you expect to have (how industrial strength do you want it)
    4.) I assume this will be an e-commerce site with many pics (you mentioned cataloges)

    On the basic side - you have FrontPage - this is a quick and dirty HTML site builder

    On the other end you have a full web development platform with a product such as WebSphere - by IBM

    On the backend you have 2 choices really - Oracle DB or MS SQL - if you went with a low end site you could go MS Access - but again if you have high volumes and need "industrial" you will need to go higher end like Oracle or MS SQL. This depending on what you are expecting from volume - enterprise agreements or subscription based Liscense - can cost a few thousand to 100K depending on number, etc.

    There are several packages for the "novice" such as web builder, Adobe, web designer, etc. Most have the ability to do java applets, Flash, picture bolt in's, etc. There are a few magazines out there (at your local borders) that do reviews on both the high and low end tools out there and what is best for what types of things you are looking to do - I would start there.

    In the case of large sites that my company has done - you will use actually several tools - such as Websphere, middleware, document management software, etc.

    Hope that helps/confuses you a little more :)

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