HAD to post this. don't miss Oahu

Discussion in 'Hawaii' started by FLORIDAsnakeEyes, Sep 5, 2015.

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    Ya lost me, pal.
  3. FLORIDAsnakeEyes

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    I had to edit it. Was way to scathing. Basically I HATE Hawaii.

    I love SW Florida. I feel Hawaii is full of racist Hawaiians, and I am hispanic. I do have a few very close friends there but Hawaii has the worst public schools, F'd up education system, ****ty roads (wow does DOT do ANYTHING there?), worst traffics over LA or NYC highest cost of glad I left!!!

    And Byrons is now out of business...LOL
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    I think that you were exposed to some truths about life in todays society but just that the place is so small that it's easier to see the bad stuff. What I am saying is that all this same stuff exists where you are today but you don't see it because there is dilution and distraction. I could be wrong but I see it as a positive to be able to identify the constraints in a given situation.
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    Mitchell Le
    It's just too small. That is all. You can drive around the island in an hour. I just came back from a 4 hour drive to go skiing in Lake Tahoe. Can't do that in Hawaii.
  6. 808Forza

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    Sounds like you were on the west side of Oahu �� Roads are perfectly smooth on my side.
    I'm Hispanic, not originally from Hawaii and have zero issues with the locals. They have some of the biggest hearts you'll ever find.
    That being said, Hawaii is not for everybody. I'm glad many do not see the beauty of living here or else we'd be more crowded.
    As for the comment driving around Hawaii an hour... I certainly hope you do not mean Oahu because even with zero traffic it is impossible to do drive the island in one hour. Just the drive from North Shore down the east coast would be one hour...
  7. Rifledriver

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    Brian Crall
    No place is for everybody.
    I lived there for a while. Not for me but I can see why others like it.

    Florida on the other hand, I was offered a deal down there to die for but can't stand the place so turned it down. People like it? Fine, just understand just as many really hate it.
  8. Glassman

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    I tried to live there and have a ton still tied up in real estate on the Big Island. I never felt even remotely comfortable there and I also really dislike the local environment. I don't plan on ever setting foot there again.
    But I do agree with some of the comments........ for some people not liking Hawaii it keeps the population down. Kinda like a winter in Montana. The only thing I really like about winter here.
  9. F355steve

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    It ain't for everyone. If you learn the history and culture you understand underlying issues outsiders have trying to adjust. If you respect the history and culture by trying to learn it and appreciate it you won't have any problems.

    It is a lot of work to do so. I understand why people don't like it here. It is NOT for everyone. If I ever leave it won't be without persuasion. I love it here. I love the culture and history.

    The roads are the worst I have ever seen. The people talk "funny" and can spot a outsider from 100 yards away.

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