Hamilton snub of Dennis?

Discussion in 'F1' started by TheMayor, May 3, 2009.

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    From SpeedTV today. Personally, I find it rather sad.

    World champion Lewis Hamilton's absence this week from an awards ceremony was a blatant "snub" of his former mentor and boss Ron Dennis, British newspapers report.

    61-year-old Dennis, who recently stepped back completely from the Formula One arms of the McLaren Group, was honoured with a lifetime achievement trophy on Thursday by the organisers of the Sport Industry Awards.

    Ultimately, it was former McLaren champions Mika Hakkinen and Alain Prost who presented the Briton with the prize, while the reservation for a table of ten representatives of McLaren Racing was withdrawn because no-one from the Woking based team confirmed the booking.
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    This is a repost from earlier today, but thanks for trying. Ignore the tampon photo.
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    So much class and integrity in F1.
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    Are those sad tissues or happy tissues? :)

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