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    The bartender asks him 'What'll you have?'. The guy answers, 'A
    scotch, please'. The bartender hands him the drink, and says 'That'll
    be five dollars', to which he replies 'What are you talking about? I
    don't owe you anything for this'.

    A lawyer, sitting nearby and overhearing the conversation, then says
    to the bartender, 'You know, he's got you there. In the original
    offer, which consitutes a binding contract upon acceptance, there was
    no stipulation of remuneration'. The bartender's not impressed, but
    says to the guy, 'Okay, you beat me for a drink. But don't ever let
    me catch you in here again'.

    The next day, same guy walks into the bar. Bartender says, 'What are
    you doing here? I can't believe you got the audacity to come back!'.

    The guy says 'What are you talking about? I've never been in this
    place in my life', to which the bartender replies 'I'm very sorry,
    but this is uncanny. You must have a double.'

    To which the guy replies 'Thank you! Make it a scotch.'


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    nice one darth
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    Tony H
    Poor by your standards, Dave ;-)

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