Help me find this chat member-Jim with black TR

Discussion in 'North & South Carolina' started by LMPDesigner, Mar 24, 2004.

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    Brian Willis
    I need some help here. I lost the name and address of a chat member who has a black TR and that he had some Speedline 17 in centerlock wheels he was selling. His first name is Jim and he was at my party in Suwanee, GA. last year-but I am not sure he made it this year. I want to buy the wheels but have no contact info. All I have is a copy of his e-mail, but with no name or e-mail address. Stupid me!!

    Can anybody help me with contacting this individual. Does his first name and car (Jim with a black TR) ring any bells?


    Text of e-mail to me:

    Brian, how are things? I met you at your SE Region kickoff party last

    Here's a brief writeup on the wheels:

    "I have a set of wheels that will fit early centerlock TRs for sale.

    They are a 2pc version of the Speedline 2400SM made custom, sizes- 17x9.5
    fr and 17x12.5 rr (Measured from edge to edge). They are in good condition
    with no evidence of abuse. There are a few chips on the spokes, but the
    blemishes are completely cosmetic. I can?t use them anymore since I went
    to an F50 big brake kit and a lowered sports suspension, however, they
    will fit any stock centerlock TR perfectly. They really change the way the
    car drives and handles...huge improvements in turn-in and lateral grip.
    Bring the dynamics of your TR into the 90's (at least) and pick up some
    chicks along the way...

    I'm offering them with tires already mounted and balanced. The fronts are
    Goodyear ZR45s in 245/40-ZR17 with about 50% tread left. The rears are
    *brand new* Sumitomo HTRZ in 315/35-ZR17. The rears have just been
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    You're actually looking for Lashdeep Singh, of the Mid-Atlantic Region. He lives in the MD/DC area. The black TR belongs to his friend Jim, who had the wheels mounted on it for awhile. Lashdeep is the one selling the wheels (sold?). He can be reached at



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