How does one properly jack up a Mondial

Discussion in 'Mondial' started by Woodstocksparky, Aug 23, 2019.

  1. Woodstocksparky

    Jun 20, 2019
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    Mike Mainieri
    Before I send my car off to Auto Elite I'd love to get a look underneath it.
    I want to jack up all four corners and eventually have the car sitting on 4 floor jacks.
    The car came with no tools so I'll be using my hydraulic floor jack. Just curious how rigid the bottom of the car is.
    And can I safely use the jack points mentioned in the owner's manual

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  3. FerrariJB

    FerrariJB Karting

    Jun 8, 2019
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    The Jack points are safe to use. I start always at the back of the car. Left or right and then the other side. At last I take the front. I place the jacks beside the jack points whith a peace of wood between the car and the jack. At the back of the car I place the jack after the lifting jack point (not to the front). Attention that you place the jack and the wood at the metal (pipingframe) frame. The Floor itself is too thin.
  4. blownfuse

    blownfuse Karting

    Jul 16, 2012
    Campbell, California
    If your jack is strong enough you can just use a single jack to raise the entire rear end of the car. The Mondial is body-on-frame so it is very rigid.

    I don't use wood, as it doesn't have very good compression strength. I use a hockey puck instead.
  5. JLF

    JLF Formula 3
    Silver Subscribed

    Sep 8, 2009
    Can you guys elaborate more on this. Like good places to use jack stands and stuff. I have to say this car feels incredibly tail heavy when I’m jacking it up. When I jack from the rear points the front end starts to come off the ground as well and I’m always worried the frame is being terribly stressed.
    Even my rear engined 964 turbo didn’t seem this heavy in the back when I jacked it up.
  6. Subito Grigio

    Subito Grigio Karting

    Jun 2, 2009
    Yes, the Mondial is extremely heavy at rear due to engine, and if my memory serves correctly - my gut tells me the four jack points are intended for lifting one corner to change a tire. Be careful.

    I could imagine lifting a front and placing a jack stand; then trying to lift same side rear a little too high and having the weight of the engine cause forward motion and collapse of the first jack stand up front.

    I always over brace all wheels so the car can't move at all.

    Some may say this is over- kill, but I believe it is a no-kill and no failure technique.

    Be careful!


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  8. theunissenguido

    theunissenguido Formula 3
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    Jan 21, 2004
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    Do NOT lift it on the very rear side arms of the engine frame....the car will hang lower in the middle and you risk the side walls will fold to the inner or outer side.
  9. syata

    syata Formula Junior

    Feb 23, 2017
    Can someone perhaps post photos of the floor jack points and the jack stand points, please.

    Question I have, I will replace my cracked front spoiler on my 1988 Mondial CAB so I was planning to only jack up the front and use jack stands. Good idea? I may have to rotate the front wheels to get to a few screws so I did not think I should use ramps.

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  10. Mechanical Dad

    Mechanical Dad Formula Junior

    Aug 30, 2016
    East Aurora NY
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    Ok so here is what I do. The circle is the jack point and the arrow is the jack stand point. Same on the opposite side as well. As you can see I have a lift table, but before I got it, I always did a side at a time, not front to back. Rock solid on these. Hope this helps! Image Unavailable, Please Login Image Unavailable, Please Login
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