How is the 400 Automatic like to drive?

Discussion in '365 GT4 2+2/400/412' started by GrigioGuy, Jul 3, 2004.

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    Nov 26, 2001
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    Dindu Nuffin
    I'm considering picking up a 400A for my dad for Christmas. He's always been a car guy, but these days needs a comfortable car with an auto. I know the 400/400i is a GT car, but how badly does the automatic transmission affect the performance/enjoyment of the car?

    Thoughts for owners would be appreciated
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  3. ferrarifixer

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    Jul 22, 2003
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    Phil Hughes
    Ideal dads car...but he may not appreciate the gift if he has to pay the running costs......!!
  4. andrewg

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    Sep 10, 2002
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    A little like an XJS Jaguar, very relaxed and comfortable but put your foot down when your already moving and they do just go and go.
    A very underated Ferrari that can be a bit expensive to run (as you'd expect from any hand built V12 Ferrari)

    Rust, Exhausts and suspension seem to be the really expensive bits to look after,the rest of the running gear is bomb proof
  5. ferrari sulla pellicola

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    Jun 21, 2004
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    my only real complaint is how heavy the steering feels when pulling into parking spaces or similar low speed movement which is understandable because of its size,however when the cars at hwy speed and above its a pleasure to drive once one learns the engines powerband with the automatic.
    Its a great car and undervalued considering its a real Ferrari V12,and since theres a glut of them around for sale,finding an excellent example wont be hard.the 83-85 cars creature comforts like the ac,power windows etc worked much better than the earlier cars something to consider in warm climates.also know that all 400 ferraris are considered "grey market" although many cars papers make no mention of that and some parts can be pricey.
    Feel free to PM if you have other questions

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