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Discussion in '308/328' started by albert328gts, Nov 5, 2005.

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    Seriously do any of my 348 brothers out there know how tight the throtle linkage should be. Let me recap my gas pedal is attched to a wire/throtle and it seems loose, there are a couple of nuts at the end of if that can make it tighter, should there be no play or should there be a little play? Hope this makes sense... Help....
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    Albert: I assume you are talking about these two nuts on the back end of the throttle cable. I don't think there is any EXACT adjustment to shoot for, but there should be a small amount of free play, so that the throttles can fully close against their stop screws. These nuts should NOT be used to adjust the idle speed by taking away the free play on the cable. You might want to take a look down around the base of your gas pedal before adjusting and tightening the cable nuts, in case there is dirt and debris around the pedal that may possibly be limiting its movement.

    The lower nut on the end of the cable is used to adjust the slack. The upper nut should then be tightened against the lower nut to hold it in place so it can't back off.
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  3. albert328gts

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    Oct 31, 2003
    Yes, thats it exactly. Thanks I thought that I had too much play in it.
    Appreciate the help.
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    My cable seems to slip off of the little grooved guide, how can I correct this?
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    I think you need to do as Miltonian suggested -- namely, adjust the cable using the two nuts so that you remove most of the slack (and so that the cable doesn't slip off the groove), then use the throttle stop adjustments to get the correct idle.

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