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Discussion in 'Ferrari Discussion (not model specific)' started by JSinNOLA, Mar 8, 2004.

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    Ok, more like I HAD a dream.

    Last night I had the weirdest dream. I dreamt that both of my parents had bought be a car, respectively.

    My mother had bought me an S2000. I don't know why, it is just a dream.
    So I picked up the S2 and proceeded to ravage the streets. Well before I took the S2 out my mother had told me that my dad had bought me a mustang. I thought to myself, "Damn, if only they had combined their cash I could have gotten a 348."

    Anyway, I drive the S2 over to my father's place to check out the Rustang. He opens a garage and sitting inside is a black 328. I freak out for a few minutes and then ask my dad about his error.

    He says, "What? That is not a Mustang? But it has a horse on it!"

    Needless to say I ditched the S2000 and tore off in the 328!

    Next thing I know I go from dreaming about the F-car to some goofy interaction sequence with a bunch of people I don't know...

    Sounds like someone has had too much F-chat lately...guess I better lay off the sauce:)
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    I had this wierd Ferrari dream once years ago. In waking reality I had been searching for a 1/64 scale Daytona for my collection. So 1 night I dreamt of the 1/64 Daytona model. Next day I went to a flee market & found 1 :)

    The other night I dreamt I was with some people & we went for a ride in a Duesy & another similair awesome oldie

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