If anyone can help a kid with Cerebal Palsy...

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    I apologize if this post is inappropriate, but I thought I would forward this on.

    FYI, I did contact the Nicoma Park Police Department, and Sgt. Greg Cunningham is legit and is Car 4 in the NPPD. If anyone would like to verify, Nicoma Park PD's number is 405-769-5674.

    Greg emailed me because my company manufactures motorcycle parts. I agreed to send him some product to raffle off. I thought maybe some here had something lying around that may be of interest to motorcyclists that they would be willing to donate to the cause to be raffled off. Or, I'm sure any other donations would be appreciated.

    My Name is Sgt. Greg Cunningham with the Nicoma Park Police Department
    In Oklahoma. I am also a memeber of a Motorcycle Club called the Speed
    Tribe located here localy. We are currently preparing a Fund Rasing
    event for a 8 year old child in OKC who has Cerebral Palsy and is in
    need of a Motorized Chair. His Mother is a single working mom and has no
    other support to help her purchase this chair and her Health Insurance
    is only picking up 5000.00 of the 14,000.00 cost. I heard about this
    child, not from his mother but from his teacher who's husband is a Fire
    Fighter and a good friend of mine. Our Club decided that this Child
    could use some help and since he has a love of Bikes we fit the bill.

    We are asking if it might be possible that you could assist us in this
    fundrasing endevor. If you are interested in helping please contact me
    and I will be happy to discuss this further with you so we can help this
    little boy.

    Greg's email is

    As I said, I am not affiliated in any way, just thought it was a worthy cause. I was suspicious of the Yahoo email address, but I did contact him through his department and he is legit - the # is above if others wish to verify (cant blame you, I did).
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