In theory, can you register a racecar in Hawaii?

Discussion in 'Hawaii' started by Doc_K, Jun 2, 2020.

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    I was just curious if this would be possible. A lot of F430 Challenge Cars, Lamborghini Super Trofeo race cars have VIN numbers. If you were to register out of state first so that the car is street legal, and then ship the car to Hawaii, besides the safety inspection, would there be anything stopping you from re-registering the car here in Hawaii since it was a technically a street legal road car prior to shipment.
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    I know there's at least one collector with track-only cars who just has the cars in storage, no registration and no (legal) street driving. I interpreted that as an inability to find a work-around.
    I looked into buying an Atom (used, already registered and street-legal on the mainland)) and was dissuaded by what I learned on-line. I think I recall one big island resident bought one, brought it over and ultimately sold it back to the mainland bc he couldn't register it.
    You could ask at the DMV but I'm sure you'll get a different answer when it actually comes time to register.
    One of the guys at Velocity may have some more specific insight as to if it would be feasible; PM me if you want his contact info.
    What island are you on?
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    You can probably register old racing cars like the 550 Spyder. But newer models need to meet all the safety requirements, and have been crash tested etc. Even something as simple as a racing type harness would not be legal on a road car in Hawaii.

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    I think the VIN will cause a red flag. It seems the street Lambos have VINs that start with ZHWU, while the Super Trofeos are ZHWE. Probably something similar with Ferrari.

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