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    The object in question is a Tommy Hilfiger jacket sized M / M.

    Looking for a net I estimated that the jacket's year should be 1999 and the cardboard label has the word "womenswear" (I just noticed it today after taking it a few weeks!) so I assume it's for women.
    Despite this, the jacket cuts to perfection (wearing a size M) considering that the sizes are larger than the one shown on the label.

    Did I want to know the story of this jacket, that is, was it for the team members or sold to the public?

    The strange thing is that it has no sponsors (shell e magneti marelli) like other similar Tommy Hilfiger jackets but only the Ferrari and Marlboro symbols in front.
    The presence of the Marlboro patch suggests that it is a jacket intended for team members as this sponsorship is usually not applied to clothes sold to the public.
    However, the lack of other sponsors leaves me puzzled.

    So could it actually be a jacket supplied to the female components of the Scuderia Ferrari or a limited edition sold to the public (always female) by Tommy Hilfiger?

    Thanks to all!

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