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  1. Rob in Potomac

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    I am looking to purchase and have installed a radar/laser detector in my Portofino. I currently have an Escort 9500 ci installed in one of my cars, which worked well until recently; now too many falses and Escort no longer updates or supports this model. I have window mounted Valentine and Escort units in other cars, but want installed for the Portofino.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Rob in Potomac
  2. flash32

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    I am a escort follower so I would say max 360 or max 360c

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    For built-in, the newest Escort product is the choice (Max CI 360).

    Yesterday I was at the best installer/retailer for this sort of stuff in PHX area for some tweaks to the 9500ci that came with my recent acquisition. They were okay doing the changes to my system (moving the display module), but strongly suggested that the 9500ci would drive me crazy with false alarms and that I should get the newest Max CI 360 system. That one costs circa $4000 range, so I kept the inherited 9500ci of course. It false'd every mile or so on today's drives. But then I'm used to false alarms with my V1's and 9500 dash mount that I run in my other cars.

    The Max CI 360 is the top of the line installed detector and it has the arrows that we all love from our V1s (thus the Max has two - front and rear - radar, in addition to front and rear laser "diffusers"). It also importantly has the ability to block certain K and Ka frequencies that are used by the latest cars' lane departure and cruise control features. And all of the GPS features for locking out false alarms by geography, identifying and warning of red light and speed cameras etc.

    They also sell the latest k40, but I've never gotten the love for k40 vs. 9500ci or today's Max CI. I inherited a K40 system in my Challenge Stradale and found it useless. I disconnected it and ran a 9500 window mount in that car.
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    John E
    That's strange, I have K40 in three cars and they work great -
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    Wow, I thought the radar detector thing died a slow death.

    Been wayy out of touch. When I think im driving like a jerk nowdays Its only 8 or 9 over cuz im old.
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  7. John Salvador

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    K40 for the win!
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    The 9500ci can be programmed to block certain K band segments and minimize false alerts. I have one in my 430 and after tweaking the settings get very few falsies. The info can be found on the Escort forum.
    I have the Max 360 in my NSX and love the directional warnings but it's not worth the extra money to upgrade on the 430.
    Keep in mind that the 9500ci laser jammers don't work on the newest laser technology. I think it's called Dragoneye.

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  9. Jaldo

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    I got the Max 360 and I love it. I ran the line inside the windshield trim all the way to the cigarette lighter connector. Works for me, since I can take it out and also use in the daily driver.
  10. bellwilliam

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    edit: just re-read, that op is asking for installed.

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