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    This will be added to as I get the time. If you know of a great thread, please send it to Mike C or me in a PM. Use all info at your own risk.

    Birdman's excellent 3x8 tech site

    308 V12 conversion begins started by mk e
    308 Engine Rebuild & CIS to TWM Throttle Bodies Conversion Thread started by Pizzaman Chris
    308 engine out major service started by Artvonne
    Why and How to clean your fuel injectors started by Birdman
    the lvferraripilot engine rebuild thread started by lvferraripilot
    308 engine bay hose reference - sizes and lengths started by stevel48
    1989 AIR INTAKES SOLVED!! started by roalda
    Sniffer tubes started by bill308
    Changing the long coolant or booster line in the driver side sill started by stevel48
    3.4L project started by Ferraripilot
    Shrinking Cam Cover Gaskets? started by Fairview
    328 auxillary air valve started by PT 328
    308 Distributor Spline O-rings Proper Size? started by robertgarven
    3.4 QV Crowndog's Adventure started by Crowndog
    Observations on a GT4 engine pull started by Mike Florio
    308 2v sodium valves started by Area
    Cambelt pulley replacement started by snowsports1
    Replacing carb lead plugs started by DANCER308

    The Eternal Timing Belt Discussions
    308/328/Mondial Timing belt replacement tutorial started by Birdman
    308 belt installation started by 123larry
    Checking and setting 308 Cam timing started by Sean F.
    Cambelt driveshafts and crankshaft seals - how to? started by samba-lee
    RobzWorkz #3: 328 Basic Timing Belt Service started by myrob1
    308 Timing Bearings, Spring and Assemblies started by robertgarven
    Forza adjustable timing system stated by FasterIsBetter
    Removing the air delivery body of a 328 started by Alfer

    Suspension & Brakes
    QA1 Front shocks with NO A-arm modification! started by Birdman
    308 A-arm bushings replacement. started by Pizzaman Chris
    "go fast" chassis setup for your 308 started by luckydynes
    Refurbishment of Wheel Wells started by Easyrider7467
    Changing Front Wheel Bearings On an 80 308 started by Shamile
    CV Joint project started by jimshadow
    CV Joint Tutorial started by Birdman
    Replace front brake discs/rotors, pads, and lines on a 308 QV started by Stevel48
    RobzWorkz #4: Replacing 328 (pre-ABS) Hand Brake Shoes started by myrob1
    RobzWorkz #5a: 328 (non-ABS) Suspension Rebuild: Front started by myrob1
    Lowering a 308 with original Koni shocks started by ztarum
    Swaybar: Saner or similarly fabricated started by matt_in_ca
    Suspension Thoughts started by Sherstcp
    Koni series 82 shocks modified for adjustable ride height started by GT Jones

    Aluminum / Magnesium Wheel Restoration | Steve Kouracos
    14inch wheels v 16inch on an early 308. by dudlow

    Exhaust Clearance on 328 started by roalda
    Heat shields started by Corrupt File
    Catalyst replacement? started by krisdisk

    Series 1 gt4 front coolant hose replacement started by guygowrie
    308/328 water pump rebuild started by RGigante
    Thermostat replacement started by Dr Kananga
    How do you remove the pulley on the water pump? started by Fastcars575
    Observations on the 308 cooling system started by Birdman

    Fuel system
    Fuel Filler Hose Replacement started by Perfusion
    328 fuel hose search--frustrated!! started by greg328
    Improving the 328 Fuel System and Hoses (fuel tanks/pump) started by Robz328
    Quattrovalvole Intake Plenum Restoration started by cfensty

    308 Instrument panel lighting upgrade tests started by chairpilot
    How to: dash lights", finally started by magnum (Updated here)
    328 - O2 sensor removal started by msouza
    308/328 Headlight Shootout - The Results Are In! started by Mike328
    Putting in my electromotive FINALLY! started by Birdman
    How do I remove a Mondial ignition switch? started by Birdman
    My Voltmeter Install - 328 started by Mike328
    Instructions for fixing a headlight switch started by maddash
    2v Accel 7914 plug wires by PittsS2APilot
    Alternator installation question? started by Big Daddy
    Door Jamb Switch Reborn started by Tifosi2011
    A Walk-through: How to diagnose and fix GT4 headlight problems started by sammyb
    308 GT4 Distributor work and Crane XR3000 conversion started by dino_bob
    Ferrari starter started by mark lintott
    Ignition Lead Rebuild started by andyww
    Starter 328 -86 started by Ferrarimicke
    Distributor drum 'pitting'? by dantm
    Dwell meter hook-up for checking Lambda control? started by DWPC
    Instrument Cluster + Dash + LED package started by Dr Kananga
    Dash lighting using SMD 3528 and SMD 5050 LEDs started by dflett
    328 ignition switch information started by Jmaz

    Drilling tranny casing to eliminate cold 2nd gear problems started by dave80gtsi
    RobzWorkz #2: Shifter / shift shaft improvement started by myrob1
    low mileage car problems started by Albert-LP

    Climate Control
    I'm fed up with my 308's lack of AC!! started by Ultimate Pedals
    308 York compressor started by Morrie
    328 Heating/Vent Front Filter for Cars Up To 76076 started by Mike328
    DIY - Ferrari 308 AC System; Everything you wanted to know started by Sean F
    Retroair A/C upgrade for 308 started by Martin308GTB
    A/C hoses started by craiggo

    1987 328 GTS # 66865 - Redone interior - Blu Chiaro / Crema started by Chiaro_Slag
    Recovering Mondial Seats started by Birdman
    What to use to lubricate 308/328 seat rails? started by Mike328
    Mirrored "footplate" in 328s and how to clean it? started by Mike328
    Detailing of throttle pedal started by 328PWC
    Steering column and switch adventures started by Brian Harper
    328 Steering wheel adjustment? started by mike996
    Find the right Blaupunkt for your year started by vaccarella
    Complete disassembly/reassembly/restoration of interior on 308QV started by pgarossino
    308 Dash top heat vent flaps? started by chairpilot
    328 - Recovering the rear window molding started by TrojanFan
    Installing cargo coverstarted by uberlink

    Exterior & Bodywork
    RobzWorkz#1: CRASH and Body Repair started by myrob1
    Fixing the Mondial sunroof for less than $150... started by Marco Bussadori
    It's not easy taking a grinder to your Ferrari started by etip
    Restoration of frame beneath rear bonnett started by Easyrider7467
    For all you 308 track or weight junkies started by Doug
    Bradan 308 GT4 bare metal paint job started by Braden
    Targa top front rubber gasket started by jmaienza
    328 door sag repair? started by R.Robot
    Refurbishment of Wheel Wells started by Easyrider7467

    Hot Rod Ideas
    What would a 355 engine look like in a 308?? [pics] started by h22gordo
    308 based 288 GTO with 355 engine started by riconijhof
    More GTO look, EFI, AMG supercharger, Supertrapps and Magnaflows. started by bert308
    McGehee/Forza Supercharger Install!!! started by Mike C
    Positive Pressure Induction System started by Verell
    1977 308 gto race car started by stevemaman
    Brake upgrades started by luckydynes
    Lightening the OEM Crank Harmonic Balancer started by dave80gtsi
    Supercharged 308GTB almost ready to go started by wildegroot
    1978 308 GTS EV Conversion started by 308Hutch
    The supercharger build has started. started by Todd308TR

    Restores, Refurbs and Similar
    call me stupid started by st@ven
    GTB QV 49461 refurb started by viper_driver
    A Ferrari 308 being reborn started by 308tr6
    Restoring my 78 308GTS started by Helmut
    '79 308 restoration started by Newman
    308GTB Rebuild Starts started by b27
    1979 308 GT4 started by OhioMark
    308 GT4 Bottom end, might as well project started by sinbad
    Chronicles of Barron started by Vonbarron
    Chassis 37313 Resurrection - 308 GTBi started by matumorales
    Michelotto 308 build started by sp1der

    Don's 308 service notes, vol. 1 started by don_xvi
    Pressure in tank, fumes, explosions etc. started by Helmut
    Today’s Obscure Maintenance Requirement – Throttle Pedal Lubrication! started by dave80gtsi

    The SNJ5 hyper-Mondial threads
    performance cam regrinding
    Mondial 3.2 with Weber carbs reprise
    Weber accel pump cam / Air cleaners yet again / Ansa resonators
    Soundproofing / new carpet for the Mondial
    Mondial electrical system thread
    Mondial Sound System Upgrade: Sub-woofer
    Mondial Modification/Upgrade list (also for 308/328)
    3.2 liter high compression pistons
    Mondial 3,2 with Webers and head porting update
    Mondial 3.2 w/Webers: cam matching w/ porting
    3.2 head porting photos
    Carb Mondial update - a bit technical.
    3.2 ported/big valves/carb first run video
    Supercharged hp vs Webers+ported QV hp on dynos
    3.2 Magnaflow exhaust Video and construction
    Performance cams in V-8 cars, carb and K-jet, continued

    The Robworkz technical threads
    RobzWorkz#1: CRASH and Body Repair
    RobzWorkz #2: Shifter / shift shaft improvement
    RobzWorkz #3: 328 Basic Timing Belt Service
    RobzWorkz #4: Replacing 328 (pre-ABS) Hand Brake Shoes
    RobzWorkz #5a: 328 (non-ABS) Suspension Rebuild: Front
    RobzWorkz #5b: 328 (non-ABS) Suspension Rebuild: Rear, and Axle Boot Replacement
    RobzWorkz #6(66)a: Enjoying the Electrical Demons: Relay Board Renewal
    RobzWorkz #6(66)b: Enjoying the Electrical Demons: Relay Board Connector Refurb
    RobzWorkz #6(66)c: Ferrari 328 Electrical Demons: Headlight /Lifting Motor Inspect
    RobzWorkz #7: Improving the 328 Coolant System
    RobzWorkz #8a: Improving the 328 Fuel System and Peripheral Hoses (Disassembly)
    RobzWorkz #8b: Improving the 328 Fuel System and Peripheral Hoses (fuel tanks/pump)
    RobzWorkz #8c: Improving the 328 Fuel System and Peripheral Hoses (evap system)
    RobzWorkz #8d: Improving the 328 Fuel System and Peripheral Hoses (Remaining Hoses)
    RobzWorkz #8e: Improving the 328 Fuel System: Intake and injectors.
    RobzWorkz #8f: Improving the 328 Fuel System: CIS Rebuild
    RobzWorkz #8g: Improving the 328 Fuel System: WUR Rebuildv

    Reproduction and short-run parts
    Kidney shaped dash vents 60044401 by krisdisk
    UNOBTAINIUM SUPPLIES: Rubber Bumpers for GTS side window louvers by Verell
    328 center console knobs? started by andrews308
    I made some new plastic fuel line clips started by stevel48
    Unobtainium Supplies: 328 round dash vent started by Verell
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    I'm WAY behind on this, so I chose to reopen it. Please post links with descriptions (as above) and we'll work them into the main post as time permits.

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    I appreciate all the time you took to do this. It's just like "My 348" Website with great links.��
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    I meant to say everyone who helped.
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    Clock bezel removal;
    The following epistle comes to you in part because I have a need to document some of the stuff I have been working on... Hopefully, some of it will bring value!

    Just to let you know, I managed to get the chrome bezel off and it was quite a trick! I had a very good look at this under magnification and pondered best approach for the longest time before actually taking a screw driver to the blasted thing...

    After removing the clock itself from the lower console, here's what I did...

    Definition: What I call "fold" or "fold over" is the back part of the chrome bezel that wraps around the clock body, holding it tightly in place (and making it a pain to remove!).

    1. If you look at the rear of the chrome bezel where it 'folds over' the clock's body (i.e., the plastic housing), you will notice two things. The first is what appears to be a crimp in the chrome bezel into a notch in the plastic at 12 o'clock. The only purpose I see this serving is to keep the bezel from rotating. The second thing is that the bezel has an area at the opposite side (at 6 o'clock) that is different. This does not have a 'fold over', i.e., if the entire bezel was like this, it would come off very easily. It almost looks as if someone has made a clean cut to remove the metal that folds over the back of the plastic housing. In the middle of this part of the bezel, there is a notch that locates the black plastic inner bezel. The latter is a bit of a give-away that the fold over folds over two things (not just the plastic housing)...

    2. Using a very small (eye glass adjustment) flat-head screwdriver, carefully pry out the "crimped" part of the bezel. Do this just enough to remove the crimp (so that it looks like the rest of the folded part of the bezel) and no more. This should allow the chrome bezel to be rotated (a bit of force may be required to actually do this due to age... Turn it a bit in one direction, then the other). What you want to do is to rotate the bezel 180 degrees such that the un-folded part is close to the notch at 12 o'clock.

    3. An observation here is that the chrome bezel is folded over BOTH the lip of the plastic housing AND the black plastic inner bezel that comes off in disassembly. As such, the fold covers half as much of the plastic housing as you think it does just by looking at it.

    4. This is the 'very gently'/'be very careful' part: Rotate the bezel such that the point where the 'fold' starts is in the middle of the notch in the plastic housing. Use the small screw driver to pry the fold up and over the housing. When I did this, I managed to deform the fold a bit, but it should be possible to remove the bezel with almost zero deformation. If you apply squeezing force to the plastic housing at the point or removal, it makes the lip of the fold a lot easier to release. The important bit here is that you only need the fold to clear the plastic housing itself and not the black inner bezel (which can remain with the chrome for the time being). Picking the point of release at the notch allows you to see when you have cleared the plastic housing (lighter in color than the black inner bezel).

    5. Once you have a start, it is not too difficult via prying and rotation to gently remove the chrome bezel.

    I have attached pictures that were all taken after I had successfully removed the bezel.

    I know that this is a bit long-winded, but I wanted to commit it to paper while it was still fresh in my mind. I m sure it will be useful to someone...

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    Posting to notify users that links are working again in this thread.
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