Introducing myself - And a question on a F355 I am looking at

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by EK3R, Apr 5, 2004.

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    Eric K
    Hello all,

    Posted this in General forum, but thought I would post it here as well for UK opinions on this:

    This is my first post here - I sold my 911 a while back to buy a F355 - however changed my mind several times as to wether it was really a sensible thing to do, put down a deposit on another make of car - then realised I was kidding myself, nothing other than a Ferrari would do now,life really is too short and you only live once don't you??. So here I am about to make the leap!

    Anyway, my question is - I am looking at a '96 F335B with 39,000 miles on the clock, for sale from an independant dealer here in the UK (Ferrari specialist). It has 5 previous owners (3 of whom are known to the dealer). Last change of keeper was May 2001. They have just completed a service, including cambelt. My concern is - is 39k miles too much - I would be using it a couple of times a week (Sat / Sun driving), and would anticipate doing 4 - 5k miles a year, it definitely would not be a garage queen.

    Would I be better off getting one with this sort of mileage given the amount I plan on using it (would be high for a Ferrari pretty quickly), or look for something closer to the 25k miles mark? (resale I am thinking here). The car is priced fairly competitively at £46k.

    Other question is the interior leather was described over the phone as 'dark grey' (looked black in the pictures to me). Can anyone comment how this looks in real life? Car is Rosso with Rosso carpets.

    Many thanks
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  3. murph7355

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    Nov 30, 2002
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    Have posted in general for you.
  4. andrewg

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    Sep 10, 2002
    Chester, England
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    the dark grey leather actually looks quite nice (bit more practical than magnolia!) sort of colour that you tend to find in BMW's

    as for the mileage 40k over 8 years means the car has been doing 5k a year, so its probabley oil tight and working properly, sounds like an honest car (unlike many v low milleage cars which have just had the speedo disconnected) personally I wouldnt worry about adding to the total, there are plenty of people with F-cars with 80-90+k on the clock and they all seem to run well
  5. Ade

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    Jan 31, 2004

    If its RHD, then it sounds like its priced just right.

    IMHO, don't worry about the mileage, just but check that all the expensive bits to fix are in good working order. If its a car that has pads/tyres/clutch that are relatively new - thats saving you 2-3K cost in first year. If its had the manifolds done (strengthen replacements) thats worth 1K. Check the CAT ECUs look in good shape, not perished - 500 quid for both.

    Get an inpartial mechanic to do these checks - could save you a few thousand in the first couple years

    BTW you may have guessed, but these are all things I have spend 5K on over the last year just keeping my 355 on the road - but I do drive mine very hard and have cover 5,000 miles..

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