iPod connectivity options for 2014 458

Discussion in 'Technical Q&A' started by ColdShower, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. ColdShower

    ColdShower Rookie

    Apr 24, 2014
    Hello there. Finally decided to make my first post. I'm new in here and been lurking this forum for a while.

    So last year, around September and after waiting 7-8 month for my 458 custom order to be complete, I finally took delivery of the car. Everything was on point but one thing: I found out that they missed one of the options I've picked: iPod integration!!!!!😖

    I live with music in my ears 24/7 so not being able to listen to my favorite bands while driving is a bummer. I know that the best sound from a Ferrari comes from the engine! But without music in kind of lost.

    I wanted to know if any of you can recommend an aftermarket option to connect via Bluetooth or auxiliary jack. (The car does not come with auxiliary connection)
    The only bluetooth in the car is for phone calls.

    All I have is a USB connector in the glove compartment that only provides charge.

    Any help, will be highly appreciated.

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  3. Crowndog

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    Jul 16, 2011
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    Check this out:

    I have seen similar for car use. This one uses a wall plug adapter which means it most likely uses DC voltage and may be very easy to hook up to the car for power. DC to dc converters are very common if it requires something other then 12 volts. Perhaps a search would bring up the thread here in fchat where a 308 driver did this with a unit designed for cars. Good luck.

    Found one:

    Better yet:

    Specific for Apple devices:

    Great review:

    When all else fails read the damn manual. - wife
  4. Robert Shenton

    May 9, 2014
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    Robert Shenton
    Brand new 458 Spyder.
    Radio extremely poor reception, Ferrari says big problem.
    USB connected can't read any iPhone iPad iPad Air won't charge can't transfer music.
    In dealer for above and other work, very disappointed with car had coupe before and all was fine.
  5. greyboxer

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    Dec 8, 2004
    South East
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    Take a look in the 458 section - I think there've been a few similar reports - maybe the Apple stuff need the dedicated connector rather than the usb
  6. Caeruleus11

    Caeruleus11 F1 Veteran
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    Jun 11, 2013
    How difficult would it be to retrofit this? If they missed it, they should cover the costs.

    Congratulations on your 458! This car is just amazing.
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  8. ColdShower

    ColdShower Rookie

    Apr 24, 2014
    Hey guys, thank you for the replies. Just manage to find this old post of mine. I basically tried several options. The FM radio transmitter seemed to work but not all the time. Too many cables laying around the car. However I may trade it in for a Spider version of the 458 2015. I have another question. Apple announced that All Ferraris from 2014 and above will have "iCar" which will allow you to see you phone screen in your car screen. Pretty near feature, I just haven't heard of anyone having it in their cars or if the claim is actually true. I have a 2014 and don't recall this being an option when I ordered mine. Any pointers will be appreciated. I am checking the links that crowndog posted. EnzoSpares, I may shoot you an email and see what you have. Thanks.

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  9. Gb78460

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    Feb 8, 2021
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    I have to change the ipod cable of my 458 because the 30 pin connector is broken
    What if you can tell me where is the box to connect the ipod cable
    where in the dashboard
    what parts should be dismantled
    thank you

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